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Electronic music harnesses the latest advances in noise-making technology to bring us fun on every frequency.

Many actually draw the line on what qualifies as electronic music at the physical, technological level.

Wailing electric guitars don't make the cut. Neither do hammond organs and electric pianos.

But, synthesizers and samplers...

Yes, those definitely do.

Dreampunk (and Vaporwave, as a whole) is all about that kind of thing.

What is Vaporwave Music?

Think of Vaporwave as a microgenre of electronic music with its own special aesthetic derived from pastels and painfully bad software.

Vaporware, conceptually, is just software with bold promises that never truly materialize.

Vaporwave, musically, makes references to the dreams and visions we had of the future as children which now stand in stark contrast to a relatively bleak, nearly dystopian reality.

w. baer - TEK-010 - Rage, Below

w baer  TEK010  Rage Below

Dreampunk, as a microgenre of Vaporwave, takes nostalgic sentimentality a step further, diffusing futuristic sound to pure ambiance and atmosphere in the process.

Negative Architecture - Gardening

Negative Architecture  Gardening

Dreampunk visionaries abound, but their approaches differ significantly. Some use lots of samples to drown you in sound, but others eschew these for pure electronic bliss.

More Good Stuff

2814 - 新しい日の誕生/Birth of a New Day (Full Album) [HD]

Dreampunk, no-sample pioneers Hong Kong Express (HKE) built on the immense success of their first release "Birth of a New Day" with subsequent studio albums in the same vein.

These mirrored the vibe of their predecessor to a large degree, satisfying the genre's devout followers' insatiable music lust but for a moment before they collectively cried out for more.

Well, thankfully, there is plenty more to be had.

Kudatah - KDTH024 | Sangam—Future On Hold

Kudatah  KDTH024  Sangam—Future On Hold

How Do You Make Mallsoft?

Mallsoft - a Vaporwave genre meant to make you feel like you're chilling in a mall somewhere way off in the future - is as varied as Dreampunk in sound.

Artists inject their own uniqueness into it at every turn, but the core focus of emulating and enhancing corporate lounge music remains the most important ingredient.

Elemental 95 - 2k16 Sampler I

Elemental 95  2k16 Sampler I

How Do You Make Dreampunk Music?

First go to sleep. Next, dream about punks...

I kid.

Making Dreampunk music is all about capturing the feeling of being where you could never be - in the past and the future at once.

Imagine you're relaxing on the floor of your childhood bedroom, massaging Pokemon cards on a carpet covered in candy.

Now imagine your room is inside a flying, monolithic obelisk, hurtling under a waterfall caught in a cloud bank.

Got it?

Good, now make a song about it.

Oh, and leave out the beat.

Artemon X DJ JAVASCRIPT - Collab Dance Music [Full Album] ● &Options (2021)

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