Tucked in by Junkyardfieldtrip's "Collide"



It's easy to crash but this gentle tune proves its cooler to collide.

Junkyardfieldtrip deliver a charming lullabye of a listen; all authenticity and emotion.

We're windswept into reminiscing with them - venturing off into memory and meaning with a heart as a compass.

"Take me back to that place..."

Bells bring us back to our childhoods for a moment, just before we lay down to dream.


Our dream is a journey...

Nova Scotia, Patagonia, but we're all out of ideas.

The instrumentation in this track is particularly pleasant; refined and elegant.

"Lay me down... Lay me down..."

The backup vocals have us ensnared in a lovely call and response.

They collide; a surprisingly serene experience.

The steady pick-me-up of a bassline pulls us further into our fantasy.

We're all nestled into this nuanced little number by the time it fades away.

Listen for yourself!

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