Trump and the Death of the USA


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As fiery riots across the US push tensions past their boiling points in both a figurative and devastatingly literal sense, nothing has proven quite as entrancing as POTUS Donald Trump's lyrical Twitter tango - waged in real-time from a comfortable nook under his bed, no doubt, as Secret Service agents work tirelessly to keep him safe and freshly diapered.

I've wondered whether he's even aware of his presidency or, as I suspect, simply gone spastic in an imploding world of self-delusion many a time. Sadly, the latter seems an increasingly fitting explanation for his many ill-advised actions.

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To say my being associated with a nation whose current choice of leader believes stoking racial flames amid what may well turn out to be the most devastating civil clash since that other race-related clash a certain tall, bearded, top-hatted gentleman seemed awfully emphatic about way back when is lamentable would epitomize understatements.

It is for shame that the leader of a nation with so much promise would draw upon his immensely minimal stores of talent and intuition to hurl mud, insult, demean and otherwise do no good for all parties involved.

D. Trump's Many Misplaced Priorities

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Rather than deciding on appropriate measures of seeking justice for those as brutally slain and mistreated by the police as the late George Floyd, Trump pleases his base sensibilities by announcing his fetid stupidity to the world at large in an endless torrent of lies, threats and insults more off-putting than the haze of halitosis his subordinates undoubtedly endure by the hour.

The ridiculously innappropriate string of tweets his pudgy thumbs have pushed out into the public eye during such a serious crisis prove at least one thing about the man: that he is a one trick pony - the kind that can't count, but is adept at neighing insults at its surroundings while defecating itself in unbridled angst.

Trump can't count ALL people as human beings. He can't count ALL public uprisings as symptoms of an ailing society. He probably can't count how many people have already died thanks to escalations in physical violence brought about by the militarized police he gleefully prods onward.

Not only have black lives lost all meaning to this "man's" administration, but so too have those of children, reporters, congresswomen and the elderly - all of whom have been victimized at the hands of an out-of-control police force over the last few days.

Dust to Dust

I long (as I hope many others might as well) to see a time when ALL people can be loved or hated chiefly as people and on an individual basis at that - both inside and outside of the US. Love us for our talents. Hate us for our failings. Ignore us for our mediocrity. But please, stop pretending we are any less human than anyone else.

Looking in at this violent American spectacle from the outside is as nightmarish as it is entirely unsurprising.

With a bonafide idiot at the helm, no vehicle is safe from oblivion. The US is that vehicle. Donald Trump is that idiot. And a third-world future for a land once filled with promise is that oblivion.

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