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The noise of the sandals in the hallway

Hi everyone... It's my first time here and sorry for my english. beacause I am french... The story that I tell you happens in 2000s when I was younger.

That day we went to visit an aunt who lived in an apartment in France. There were my 2 sisters, 3 cousins and the aunt in question. That night we slept in the living room and watched a movie on TV... After washing, I decided to go pee... I left the door a little opened and I peed... In the hallway I heard sandals "clack clack" like someone walking from aunt's room and stops right outside the door. I tell the person "It's busy". I finish pissing I flush the toilet and when I'm about to turn off the light and close the toilet door : no one, the hallway is pitch black. The aunt's room is closed and she is sleeping. I went to the living room and ask the girls if they heard sandals in the hallway. My sisters tell me that they heard too and said it must be the aunt. I tell them "but no she is sleeping". All night while watching the film I heard the sandals circulating in the hallway as if someone was going back and forth... At the end of the film the girls all fall asleep and I am freaking out because I can't sleep. I turn everything off then I try to sleep... The next day I ask the aunt if it wasn't her with her sandals last night. She tells me no that she collapsed in bed. She then told us that for several nights she was paralyzed by a shadow that came to crush her. Once the shadow fell on her, she couldn't move. One day, she went to ask the caretaker "who lived in the apartment before her?". He tells her that there was a man who was a heavy truck driver, he had an accident on the road and died. My aunt concluded that it was perhaps this man who came back to live in the apartment not knowing that he was dead... Hearing this, I had chills... I never returned there again. This story will always remain etched in my memory. When I tell it it's as if I relived it... BBrrhh!!! As I know the aunt moved from the appart she lived a several years because she worked near. Now she moved....

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Unexplained experiences throughout my life with the most recent occurring now.

Let me start by saying I have had a lot of weird experiences during my life, but despite this, I am not sure what I really believe in. I am both a skeptic and a believer. I want to tell the stories that I have no reasonable explanation for. I apologize if I jump around a lot from experiences because I have quite a few I'd like to share and I want to keep them in one post as per the rules.

I'll start with the most recent. I have a small black Christmas tree with battery powered purple lights on my art desk for the season. I've used it for a few years now and nothing strange ever occurred with it until recently. The first day I had it up the batteries died in the lights, and since I'm a chronic procrastinator, I have yet to replace them. The first night the tree's lights all turned on bright at exactly 2:45 am and remained on for a minute. Okay not a big deal, weird but perhaps the batteries still had a very small amount of juice. I tried to turn it back on and once again it wouldn't respond. I chalked it up as a fluke. Then it kept happening. The next three days it turned on at exactly 2:45 am and remained on for a minute before the lights all go out again. The fourth night my husband had a night shift the next day so he was up with me when it happened and he experienced it for the first time. He thought I replaced the batteries but I have yet to buy new batteries for it. There are none in the house. I told him about how it happens every night. He believed me but at the same time said it couldn't be at the exact time each night. Well the next night, lastnight, he was up with me again because he was off work the next day. The tree did it again at exactly the same time. Let me be clear the lights have a simple on off switch, no timer or anything. I can't explain it.

My husband, formerly a huge skeptic, proposed something that really emotionally hurts me. He said maybe it was the time of death of my dad who passed away this year and lived in the apartment above ours. We didn't have an exact time of death from the coroner. I hadn't heard from him in 2 days, which was actually normal but when I called him and he didn't call back something was wrong. My husband went up to check and he had passed away. Due to those circumstances we don't have an exact time. This idea really upsets me.

The next occurrence happened a few months before my dad passed away and a few weeks before losing my dog. I'm a night owl. I typically stay up working on art or reading a book all night and then go to bed at 6am.

Anyway, I was up late at night drawing in the living room on the couch and my husband was sleeping in the bedroom. I had our dog with me, Misty. She was always with me. We heard foot steps coming behind the door rapidly like my husband was running to the door. I say we, because Misty reacted as well and ran over to the door with her fur standing up. I honestly thought my husband was in a hurry to get to the bathroom but then the door never opened. I went to check on him and he was asleep in the bed. Okay, so he must have been sleep walking I thought. I went back to drawing and eventually Misty and I heard it again. Still he didn't come through the door. It kept happening. So I waited without any of my art stuff piled on me so I could jump up and check real quick the next time. When it happened again I jumped up and immediately pulled the door open. My husband was asleep in the bed. There is no physical way he could have ran at the door and then been back in bed before I opened the door, especially without me hearing him. Our house is very long with the bedroom being the longest and taking several seconds to cross at a run. I opened the door when the footsteps got to the door exactly. I was half a foot step away from the door sitting on the end of our sectional. Misty was really freaked out by this as well.

I told my husband the next day and he said he was probably sleep walking or something like I originally thought. So he slept on the couch the next night and it happened over and over again that night but this time there was no one in that room to possibly cause it. My dad's apartment was above the bedroom but not the whole distance. His apartment starts at the half way mark to my bedroom. He couldn't have caused the footsteps unless he climbed through his window and walked on the roof. Which I even asked him about and he said no he hadn't and wouldn't do that. This happened every night for weeks until Misty was found to have a tumor in her stomach and I had to let her go. Then the footsteps just stopped. Haven't heard them since. But she was always with me when they happened, it definitely wasn't her causing them. They sounded like a grown man running across the length of the bedroom to the door. I have no idea what to make of that. Why would they suddenly stop the first night she wasn't with me?

I have had many small things happen to me but I am trying to stick to the larger events that really impacted me. Before these two events the next one that comes to mind was almost 10 years prior.

I was living with my husband, who was my boyfriend at the time, and his father in a small trailer park in the middle of nowhere. There were maybe 10 trailer homes total with a dirt road coming off an old route. Behind our home was a small section of trees, only a few deep, and then a large cornfield. I was relieved to be away from my mom, step dad, and the creepy house I grew up in, which I'll get to in a little bit. I used to walk around the area alone at night and never had any fear or problems.

I'll call my boyfriendhusband Pete from now on to avoid confusion. One night Pete and I were coming home from the mall and it was a really long drive. I don't see well at night, so I let him drive my blazer. His dad worked a night shift and was already at work for a few hours. When we pulled into our normal parking spot and shut the engine off I was hit with this awful dread. I have never felt dread this intense before or since and I hope I never do. I knew there was something or someone in the trees by the trailer and if we got out something awful was going to happen. I can't explain this fear and knowledge. I have had this happen before but never to this degree. I turned to tell Pete to not get out, to drive away instead, when he turned to me and asked if I could "feel that?" We drove away and didn't go back the rest of the night. We returned at day break when his dad was just getting home. I looked back in the trees but I never found anything. I seriously cannot explain in words the feeling I got and Pete confirmed he felt it too. It was like just knowing that we would die if we attempted to get to the house and whatever awful thing that would cause it was in the trees, just out of sight. I truly feel like we dodged our deaths that night. As I said I felt this before, just not as bad, but Pete was the first person to ever feel it with me as well. I kinda believe that may have been a person with very bad intentions but I will never know.

Before that the one other instance that stood out to me with a similar feel happened when I was 16-17. I was on a trip with my dad, who was a truck driver at the time. I had already had something weird happen to me during the trip but I already posted about that in a different subreddit and I won't retell it here, as per the rules. Anyway, I was walking to the bathroom through the truck stop parking lot by myself. I go to the bathroom so often that my dad just said he trusted me to be fine going on my own, just inform him and go. So I did. I was walking through the few rows of trucks between us and the building when I all the sudden stopped cold. I knew something or someone was waiting for me around the next truck. Just an awful feeling that I should not go that way. I headed back to my dad and he walked me to the truck stop bathroom and we left that stop afterwards.

Now I'll tell you about the experiences I had growing up. I had so many that I will try to keep them brief and only tell the most intense ones.

Like most kids, I seen a lot of things when I was really young. My mom's side of the family was actually afraid of me. I don't remember it clearly enough but I've been told that I just had a way of knowing things I shouldn't and impossible things happened around me.

When I was ten we moved into a new house that was built by my step dad's grandfather. To everyone's knowledge no one ever died in the house but it's menacing and active anyway. I have a brother who is 7 years younger than me. Immediately after moving in, he would wake up screaming and point to his toys. I remember it was every night. Then one night I understood because I seen his toys moving on their own when he was sleeping and I went to check on him.

My mom and I used to hear a child's laughter coming from my brother's room. We always assumed it was him, until he started sleeping at his aunt's house on the weekends and we still heard it.

I would see black shadows in a human shape constantly from the corner of my eye, which would disappear when you tried to look at them directly. My stereo would turn itself on and off constantly. The lights would do the same. The kitchen cabinets would open and bang shut. This was all "normal" in that house. My step-dad never believed us until he had an experience alone in the basement but he refused to ever tell us what happened. Even after his experience, my mom and step dad always just told me and my brother to ignore it because we were not going to be moving. When you live with that kind of daily thing and attitude you just start to shrug things off. There wasn't really much choice.

I had a candle collection when I was about 14. One day I heard a bang and the shelf they were all on collapsed. The weird part was all the candles where standing up on the floor, like someone placed them there.

I never had a friend stay the night more than once. They all were terrified by the middle of the night and would wake me up because they had experiences. One girl claimed she saw the shadow person. Another said something was touching her foot in the night. I never disclosed anything about the house because I didn't want them to panic and not want to stay again.

When I was about 15 I became friends with a girl I will call L. She was a self proclaimed witch and I have to give her credit she didn't scare as easy. We were sitting alone in the living room talking when all the sudden we heard a knock the window behind my head on the window. Assuming it was my brother playing a prank, I pulled the curtain away really quick. He wasn't there and the knocking immediately moved to the window across the room behind L's head. The window behind me was on a balcony, totally possible someone could be on it. The one behind L was three stories off the ground and no possible way for someone to reach. There were no trees close to the house at all that could cause it. It was instantaneous that the knocking changed windows too. L actually decided to stay but by morning she said she would never stay over again either. She wouldn't say why. We are still friends today and she still doesn't talk about anything other than the knocking. Won't say what else bothered her.

I will finish with one last thing. I grew up having nightmares of something chasing me. I know that's a typical dream theme but these always felt warped and wrong. I would dream it was a shape-shifting thing. It preferred the shape of a rat but would shift into anything to get close to me. It was always trying to bite me. It never managed it before I woke up but it was awful. There was always something wrong with whatever it was impersonating. Something was out of place, that's how I knew it was the same thing only a different form. Now it's very possible this was just a dream but it stopped when I moved out of my mom's house. I would feel dread when I woke up from dreams like that, not to the degree of the other instances I detailed here, but still dread.

Sorry for the long post. I know I can't make multiple posts in this subreddit and I really wanted to share all these to see what others think. Thanks for sticking with me.

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Thankfully, I wasn't in a hit-and-run as the driver stopped his truck, came out and ran up to me.

My last moment was seeing an exact duplicate of me saying: "Your life is MY life now!"

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I wrecked my car but I didnt?

For starters, Im on mobile, sorry if its hard to read. I tried spacing but, I idea how its going to turn out. Also, this is my first post so, sorry if it doesnt belong.

I was driving home from a neighboring state dropping my sister off at a friends house. It was about an hour and a half drive both ways. I get there totally fine and but on my way back Ive started getting really tired. It was about 10pm by this point and there were no other cars on the interstate, thankfully!! But it was odd, there are always a few cars or at least 18 wheelers on this stretch, its the only interstate through the area.

I was driving a 2014 Toyota Camry, its my second on bc I was t-boned in the first (a 2012 same body style) and the guy just sort of rolled into the car at 20mph and it was totaled, so I know from experience these cars dont take a beating well.

I come around this big curve in the interstate and kinda nodded off and woke up in the next lane (not safe at all I know! But this area is VERY rural and the next exit wasnt for another 10 ish miles). I shook myself awake, turned up the radio and rolled down my windows trying to do anything to keep myself awake. I go another 3-4 miles down the road and start to nod off again and think I should pull over and run a lap or two around the car to get my blood pumping. Then I apparently nod off again. The next thing I know I hear a loud BANG and felt my car joltbounce to the drivers side. Im now fully awake and slam on my breaks and pull over thinking #$@$! Bc I know without a doubt the side of my car has been crushed in and Im just hoping the damage in contained to one area, but know from the impact that I wont be so lucky. I get out (still havent seen a single car btw) and walk around the car bracing myself for the worst, When I see an 18 wheeler has stopped behind me. The driver comes running up and asks if Im ok if I need help or anything, and tells me why he saw. I was driving along and started to drift, he thought maybe I was using my phone (nope not that stupid..I only drive when Im falling asleep stupid) and then he just sees my car bounce off of something back into my lane and I hit the breaks. There are lots of guard rails on the right side of the interstate here so were both certain of exactly what I just hit and how much damage those wire rails do and talk about it walking up to the car. Only, when we get to the passenger side there isnt a single scratch on my car, no dents, no nothing. I apparently never hit ANYTHING. So we walk back down past his truck and he swears he just cleared a guard rail when he pulled over, but nothing is there. We both just kind of scratch our heads in amazement, he asks if Im ok to drive now which I most definitely am now WIDE awake and says hell stay behind me until I get off the interstate since he was going far past my exit. I got home safely (thanks friendly truck driver! Sorry I never got your name) and had no idea how to tell my husband that Id wrecked the car but I hadnt? Idk..still highly confused by the whole thing but just read a story about witnessing the aftermath of a car wreck that apparently didnt happen and was reminded of this so I thought Id share. Sorry its so long I didnt think it would be, but thanks for reading!!!

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I made ANOTHER list of creepy, unexplained, paranormal, and interesting posts from all over Reddit! Over two hundred posts with hundreds of thousands of comments. A most excellent way to kill some time lt;3

In honour of uCapaz97 giving me my mod job back after going AFK for so long, I made you guys another big list of creepy and cool threads to kill some time to.

I missed this community, and I'm glad to be back! lt;3

Please let me know any mistakes I've made.

As always, criticism and critiques welcome. Compliments always accepted.

With love,

Jane lt;3


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]([What is the creepiest thing that society accepts as a cultural norm?]([What is a crazy history fact that sounds like a time traveler was involved in?]([What's your story of seeing somebody's mental state degrade?]([What is the most terrifying fact?]([What is the scariest theory you know about?]([What are some useless scary facts?]([Whats a terrifying fact that keeps you up at night?]([Whats the most bizarre historical fact you know?]([What is something normal that scares the $#!# out of you?]([What is a NOT fun fact?]([Redditors who have been in such severe and enduring physical pain that they honestly would have clicked an 'insta-death' button, what was the cause of your pain?]([Someone once said "Everyone sees the world in a different way; so when someone dies, it is - in a way - the death of an entire world." So, Reddit. . . what unique world will die with you?]([What is not illegal, but is creepy?]([What's a scary or disturbing fact that would probably keep most people awake at night?

]([What's way more dangerous than most people think?]([What human experiment would you want to see happen if ethics was of no concern?]([What are some of dark events happened in history not many people know about?](


[What terrifying confession has someone told you while drunk?]([What's the closest you ever came to cannibalism ?]([People of Reddit who have practiced or witnessed acts of the witchcraft, voodoo, or the occult, what was the strangestmost unexplainable thing you saw?]([People who have known victims of crimes that have appeared in the media, what happened after the media lost their interest in broadcasting?]([What's the fastest you've seen a crowd go from excited to horrified?]([Which celebritypublic figure gives you the creeps for no logical reason, when it's just a type of 6th sense, nope, type of feeling?]([What's the darkest secret you found out about a family member relative?]([What famous person has done something incredibly heinous, but has often been overlooked?

]([When was a time you interacted with a seemingly normal person, but later found out that they were not?]([Who was the creepiest person you've ever seen or met?]([What was the creepiest thing someone said on the first date?]([For those of you that escaped cults... what was your, I need to get the #$@$ out story?]([Has anyone known a killer before they killed? What were they like?]([Which one of histories good guys was actually a horrible person?]([Who is the scariest person you've ever met?]([What secret do you keep from your family?]([Who's one person you wish you never knewmet?]([Fellow redditors, what was a moment where you thought a person you knew might be an actual psychopath ?]([Former cult members, what made you realize you were in a cult and need to get out?]([Has anyone ever given a "nice guy" a chance after they've thrown a tantrum because you didn't let them treat you like a queen? And if you did, how did it work out?]([What was the moment that you realized that someone was obsessed with you in an unhealthy way? What tipped you off?


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