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Chuck e cheese stories and novels like the ones in this article are weird. Very weird. But, you'll probably enjoy reading them...

Endless free-entry cards

About 6 years ago my friend and I went on a field trip with our high school entrepreneurship class. The field trip took us to various businesses that were started by entrepreneurs. We got to talk to the owners, get a tour of the business, and most places gave all the students something for free. The last place we went was an arcade, very similar to Chuck E. Cheese, but every game only costs a nickel and it is marketed toward teenagers instead of young kids. My friend and I had been to this arcade before, so it was cool to be there during school hours and playing for free.

When we left, the owner of the arcade handed out "free-entry" cards to everybody. All my times of going to this arcade I had never seen these cards, and I believe they were made exclusively for class field trips like this. Normally it costs 2 to get in, on top of the charge for however many nickels you want. After everybody got their cards there were still a lot left so my friend and I decided to each take a couple more, considering we actually were frequent customers of the arcade. Both of us left with 4 free-entry cards.

Over the course of the next couple years my friend and I used our cards when we went to the arcade to save the 2. The first few times we went were completely normal. Maybe a year or two after we first got the cards we eventually forgot about them. One day we decided to go to the arcade because we hadn't been in a while and there was nothing else to do. I was sure we had already used all our cards but I decided to check the box I kept them in, just in case. To my surprise I still had a card left, and my friend was able to find hers as well. We didn't really think much about it, and went to the arcade to use the last of our free-entry cards. Nothing too weird.

More time goes by and I'm looking in the box where I used to keep the cards because that's also where I keep extra hair-ties. As I open the box there are more cards sitting there. I tell my friend about it the next time I see her and she says she saw more of hers recently too. This continued to happen for the next three years or so. Each time we would be bored and get the idea to go to the arcade we would use our last, but "this time for sure really last", free-entry cards.

As my friend I grew older and became busy with college and other things, we stopped going to the arcade. Just a couple months ago while we were both home for winter break we jokingly decided to go to the arcade for old-times sake. Sure enough, I checked my box at home and there were two free-entry cards sitting there. My friend was not able to find hers but I had two now so it didn't matter. We did not end up going to the arcade because they were closed early so I just left the cards in my wallet. Just now I was cleaning out my wallet to get rid of old receipts and I noticed the cards. My friend and I are still baffled of how we still have these cards left after all this time. We used the last ones on so many occasions and yet the cards continue to appear. The only explanation we have is a possible glitch in the matrix.

Posted on Reddit by koalafrosted.

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Now, because you cant go to chucke cheese to see the friendly robots, I decided to let them visit you

Thanks dad she whispered into the 5 day old audio recording, staring at his rotting corpse while his DIY animatronics chuckled

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My weird predictions...

I really don't know if this would technically be considered a glitch or just weird moments, but here three small stories...

When I was younger, I went to Chuck E Cheese with my best friend. I'm not sure why we were there...I think my younger brother was having a birthday party. We went around playing lots of games and eventually decided to take a break and sit down somewhere. We still had quite a few tokens left and decided to count them. She dumped the cup and for no apparent reason, I said "there's 64 of them."

The feeling I got as there were less and less coins for her to count, hearing how close she was to that number, was overwhelming. There were exactly 64 coins. I started crying really hard for some reason, like something was wrong with me.


In 2007 I went to see The Used live with a friend. A band called Army of Me opened for them and we thought they were pretty good. A few months later, I was going through my daily routine of watching music videos after finishing getting ready for school. I'd always have 10-20 minutes of waiting time before the bus came. A video came on and for the first 10 seconds it was silent. It was simply bokeh, the blurred city lights a lot of people use. I don't know why or how but my brain knew it was their video the second it came on. It made no sense, and as soon as the music played confirming my thoughts, I sobbed. I called my friend and told her they were famous enough to make it to VH1 and that she should watch it and then I had to go re-apply my makeup.


In 2008 I went to an Escape the Fate concert. I'm not fond of them, but I went with my friend so she wouldn't be alone. A band called Royal Bliss opened for them and played a few songs. When they got to a particular song, I started experiencing crazy frisson and got goosebumps all over. Then it hit me...I knew every single word to this song. I nudged my friend and tried to tell her over the loud music and she thought it was weird, and I proceeded to sing every word along with the band - through my tears, of course. It was absolutely bizarre. I went home and looked it up - they were the only ones to have sang it, they weren't just using recycled lyrics. It was never on the radio.

That's it, I think! These experiences have always freaked me out...I'm not very comfortable with things I can't explain.

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Mom asked me to run out to the garage deep freezer to grab some Chuck for dinner.

I didnt know he would still be alive.

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Divine Intervention

Hey folks! So I told you all a story the other day from my childhood and some of you seemed to enjoy my constant rambling so I figured I'd tell you another. Now this isn't a ghost story, it isn't an alien abduction, it's just a very weird story. Again, this is a true story, I will change the names as this story was in the news and I'd prefer to keep people's named private. Anyway, here we go!

About 4 or so years ago, when I had first gotten out of rehab I got a job at a popular New England tire shop. I spent 12 hours a day replacing wheels and tires, rotating tires, sweating and swearing like a sailor. It was honestly a $#!#ty job, working long days for minimum wage. It was legitimately dangerous, back breaking work where you're paycheck didn't even come close to reflecting how hard you worked. Any way I made friends with some of the other tech's and we would hang out after work and play video games. One kid in particular, we'll call Mark. We'd hang out either his house, or the house of one of his friends that's we'll call Danny. Danny was a bit of a wild card. He's that scrawny kid that makes up for his physical appearance by just being wild as hell, you know the type.

So one particular night, we all decided to go to Danny's house, he had just picked up his new copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops and we were so excited to try out the new Zombies mode. So I drive to Danny's house, Mark is already there, and another guy named Chuck is hanging out too. I'd never met Chuck before, but he's a sweet kid. Very friendly, funny as hell, a bit of a hippie, he was cool. So we're hanging out playing Zombies, having a blast. At around 9 PM Danny says "Guys I'm starving, who wants to run out and grab pizza?". We're all starving, especially myself and Mark, the fatasses we are. So we pause the game, figure out which pizza place to go to and Danny says "I'll drive!". So we walk down to the kitchen, outside on the porch, and over to his car. It's a later 90's Honda Civic coupe, it's bone stock, but Danny imagines it as a rally car. We all start piling in the car, Chuck gets in the back seat behind the passenger seat, and Mark gets in the passenger seat. As I'm about to crawl into the back seat behind the driver's seat I suddenly get this pin-point headache.

I'm prone to headaches, I've suffered migraines 3-4 times a week for as long as I could remember. But this wasn't a migraine, it wasn't a cluster headache, this one was different. It was just a sharp pain. Like someone stabbing a hot needle into the top of my head. The pain was so sharp and so sudden it stopped me in my tracks. The pain started to travel down to my stomach and I felt sick. Everyone started to ask me if I was alright, but I wasn't sure. I ended up deciding that if this was the beginning of a migraine I should get myself home as soon as possible. I told everyone "I'm sorry guys but I don't feel well, I'm just going to head home". We all shake hands and I go home. Now as soon as I got in my truck and started driving home the pain and nausea went away. I mean, completely gone. I've had headaches fade away a little bit but then come back, but the pain never leaves 100. With this headache, the pain was completely and totally vanished. I drove home, made myself a delicious ham and swiss cheese sandwich and went to bed.

I went to work the next morning and noticed after about a half hour that Mark wasn't there. I went up to the shop manager and asked "Where's Mark?". The manager pulled me aside and told me "He was in a pretty bad car wreck last night". I was so confused, I asked him "Was Danny driving?" and he nodded. I found out which hospital Mark was in and I went to visit him after work. I walked in the room and Mark instantly started crying and apologizing to me. He was in bad shape, his right left was completely shattered from top to bottom, his hip was shattered, his arm was shattered, he had head trauma and the entire left side of his face was on giant bruise. I pulled up a chair next to his bed and asked him what happened, this is what he told me: "Well we went out to get pizza, and on the way home Danny started driving pretty fast. We were trying to see how fast we could make it back to his house. We got up to about 110 mph (on a very windy back road with a 30 mph limit) and came around the turn and that's all I remember". But he started to cry again, and apologizing. I told him "You have nothing to apologize to me about brother, it's okay" and he told me "No you would have died dude". I didn't really understand, and his meds were kicking in pretty hard. I ended up heading home after the hospital and was feeling a swarm of emotions. I didn't fully understand what he meant until the next day when his Mom came to our shop.

I pulled Mark's mom aside and she explained everything to me. She gave me a hug and thanked me for not getting in the car. Apparently, the car slid out, and the side of the car hit a 6 foot wide tree doing around 90 mph. Danny had tried to cut the wheel and the driver's side took most of the damage, basically from the back half of the driver's door to the trunk was completely crushed. Including the backseat behind the driver's seat, where I would have been sitting. He hit the tree so hard that Chuck, who was in the back seat as well, was thrown out of the back window and landed about 25 feet away from the car. Danny had been trapped in the wreckage and suffered severe brain damage. He was on life support, in a vegitative state for around 3 months before he finally passed away. Mark had the least amount of injuries but was still in bad shape. Most of his body is held together with screws these days. I still can't explain why I got that headache. I don't know if it was just really good timing, or something more. But had I not had that headache at the exact moment I did, I would have been crushed to death in the back seat of that Honda.

Anyway, once again, this is true, this is from my life, and I hope you enjoyed. I'll see if I can find some of the articles and dig up some of the pictures.

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