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Angel hair pasta doesn't definitively answer whether the hair of angels is really thin or really thick..

That said...

The angel stories below are equal parts funny and frightening. If you're ready for a weird experience or two, do continue!

Devil or Divine Completed

Book One of the Morri Knight Series When Morri Knight was a kid, her mother read her history books instead of bedtime stories, and helped her with magic instead of homework. >>She grew up a witch on the wrong side of the veil --the one that separates worlds, that is. >>She wanted to be normal, her mother wanted the opposite. >>But the thing about magic, especially in the human world, it's fickle. >>After a spell gone wrong, Morri ends up getting more than she bargained for, including a man claiming to be a god following her around. >>Now all she wants is some peace and quiet, and maybe a little bit of necromancy.

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Angel numbers!!!!!

I have 2 specific numbers I've seen for the longest time. This won't be short by any means, but will try to keep it limited without writing a novel. So I'm sorry about that in advance

I became pregnant with my son in 2006. I was 17 (18 when he was born) was due oct 20th. I kept waking up or seeing the clock at 10:23. It drove me nuts for the longest time. I went into labor on oct 20th, but had an emergency c section at 1am on 10232006. My son was born.

Some yrs later, I wanted to visit my gpas grave. Don't remember the time of year or what prompt me to go. But we went. And I found his headstone after a bit of searching. I seen he died on oct 23, 2000. 6 yrs before my son was born. Since then, whenever I seen 1023. I took it as a hello or sign from him. I seen it from time to time over the years but never thought too much of it.

Fast forward to late 2017. I had a doomoverwhelming feeling that something bad was going to happen. It was late October. Started seeing 1023. Son was injured. Figured it was that. (And the was now a warning as I was seeing it too often and in different patterns (2103, 1230, etc.). But it wasn't. That feeling hung around.

Totalled my 5 month old car Nov 30, 2017. Figured it was that. It wasn't. I had this feeling for the next month or so (and still seeing this number everywhere...) Until... My mom told me she had cancer. That feeling and number went away. Until mid April. And the number popped up again. Everywhere and on everything. I knew something bad was about to happen. Mid may, my mom was placed on hospice. And went into liver failure. I ended up taking care of her, her last months of her life; just days before she passed.

Life went quiet. Until the following January of 2019.

Started 1023 here and there but seeing a new number too. 426; which is my birthday.

I knew this now meant something else. But it wasn't good. I've made the connection at this point that birthday s are how my family members connect to me to say hello or warn me something bad is about to occur. 426 was a warning from my mom.

May came around and my aunt mickey (mom's sister) was diagnosed with breast cancer, weeks later my other aunt si (her sis in law) was also diagnosed with breast cancer. (My aunt mickey had radiation and is still here but must have an oxygen box on her as the treatment warped her lungs bad.) 426 died down again, until November 2019. And 426 picked back up. My uncle now had bladder cancer (aunt mickeys husband). Number 426 kept up, but it went crazy and showed up as 264, 4206, etc... And in February 2020, my uncle died from bladder cancer. He went from zero signs in October to his body being filled by the time he passed. I was flabbergasted. But 426, slowed down again... For a while. Until the summer of 2020 and it picked back up again. When my brother disclosed he was sick and sent me pics of him passing blood or coughing it up. But he refuses to get treatment and says "when it's my time, it's my time." That was the last bad notice with my numbers.

Until this past spring and summer... I kept seeing 426 again. It was driving me MAD by this point. Like what the hell could it be? Who is sick? Who is about to die? Couldn't put my thumb on it for months... Until this past October, when I finally got pregnant after 6 long @$# years of ttc. My due date you ask? 624 (a variation of 426).

Many will think I'm nuts for my belief in what my numbers tell me. While I may not know what they exactly mean, I do know they have meaning. Usually dire, but this last time... Hopeful and full of love.

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I stood before God and Satan, and accepted my fate when they sentenced me to Hell.

I saw a bright light and faintly heard the words its crowning, push!!

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Cursed Angel

Kiara always knew she was a pretty decent person. >>However an 'angel' seemed a bit too far fetched... >>Kiara Evelyn Rose was a typical, if a bit sarcastic, teen girl. >>Until she wasn't. >>Whisked away to a special academy, she learns that she holds unearthly powers. >>The only problem is she has no way of controlling them. >>Not to mention she falls head over heels for a guy who has too many secrets, which is another problem. >>And then there's the talking cat. >>Best Ranking: 10 (12316) in paranormal the amazing cover was designed by : ocelot101 (aka my little squidster ) All Rights Reserved

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Just a final leap of faith and you will join them in heaven, the Angel said, as the last person alive walked to the edge.

In the valley, among the crumpled bodies, the machine gave its last whir and ceased to project its images on the clouds.

Posted on Reddit by danieljostbrod.

I feel like I've two Guardian angels with me who always protect me and I think there ghosts...

Ok, the thing is since I was almost 8yrs old, and I'm currently 22.. I've had this weird feeling that I was always watched over by 2 ghosts or guardian angels, whatever you wanna call it. It all started when as a child I had a sleep paralysis, but I could move my body. And no I wasn't on drugs or medications and I wasn't hallucinating. So these two souls, they always save me by inches of death. Idk how they do it but trust me I've felt it. Sometimes I've even like seen them but like they were very vague figurines, one tall and slim, while the other was short and well had a round shape. I've not seen their faces and don't know their identity, but apart from saving my butt, they've also sometimes helped me in certain situations which would've got me in trouble with my parents.

Tbvh, I'm just searching for an answer, like am I hallucinating or are they real.

Posted on Reddit by loveForParanormal.

His Diabolic Angel

Charity Raven Hunter's last minutes of being 'normal' ended one her seventeenth birthday. >>--- Book two of the Demonic Family series. >>--- She was predicted to be the world's savior and rid it of evil or damn the world and destroy all traces of good. >>For her, the choice should have been simple. >>When she has lived her whole life knowing good, evil should not have been a thought in her mind. >>When evil was introduced to her, however, she was forced to choose one or the other. >>Raven chose what her heart desired and now the world has to live with that choice. >>If Raven had to choose again, she would choose the same thing over. >>She doesn't regret her choice...or does she?

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"Hush, gOD and His angels are dreaming now, my child..."

she whispered sweetly, extending herself further down my esophagus. "...but , sadly, you aren't."

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