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Trip hop albums with as much charm as the entries in this article can mold your mood to match their energy. Don't believe me? Well, try them out yourself...

Nctrnm - NctrnmFM22

Nctrnm NctrnmFM22 song img

500 of my latest soundcloud discoveries.

NctrnmFM22 by Nctrnm

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- Trip Hop Children - Motion Discomfort - 2000 ( Full Album )

Trip Hop Children - Motion Discomfort - 2000

1. Corndog

2. Hollow

3. 8-Ball

4. I'll Remember

5. Off The Hook

6. Reject

7. Frustration

8. Jimmy Gotta Truck

9. Buck Knutty

10. Fourth Dimension

11. Drop the Ends ( Feat. Rico, Little Jonah SK Heated )

aw55550 said: 'Bru, thx SO much for uploading this. Was looking for "Drop the Endz" for years.'

LΞX said: 'nice'

Trip Hop Children - Motion Discomfort - 2000 ( Full Album ) by

Nctrnm - NCTRNMFM26

Nctrnm NCTRNMFM26 song img

500 of my favorite SoundCloud discoveries.

NCTRNMFM26 by Nctrnm

- Quantic - 5th Exotic (Full Album Stream)

- ALLFLAWS - APPARITIONS "Full Album" (Trip Hop)

A mix of Trip Hop, Downtempo, Industrial Hip Hop and Electronica.

Released 2016

Track list:

0:00 - All That Remains

4:56 - The Void

9:56 - The light Never Dies

14:13 - When Luna Comes

18:20 - Soulless

22:43 - Hidden Chambers

24:34 - Transmigration

28:39 - Cast Away

33:31 - Time To Go

35:30 - Oblivion

Buy Apparitions

MrFrogblot said: 'Amazing. My favorite album from Bristol since the classics by Tricky, Massive Attack and Portishead. That city just keeps coming with talent.'

Hinata said: 'I love this. My favorite group from Bristol since the 90s trip hop bands. The first track has me drifting into a dark dream world.'

Jimmy The Clown said: 'What a great band, I just discovered them'

ALLFLAWS - APPARITIONS "Full Album" (Trip Hop) by

- Massive Attack - Mezzanine (Full Album)

Yog-Sothoth said: '0:00 - Angel

6:22 - Risingson

11:21 - Teardrop

16:52 - Inertia Creeps

22:49 - Exchange

27:01 - Dissolved Girl

33:07 - Man Next Door

39:04 - Black Milk

45:26 - Mezzanine

51:22 - Group Four

59:35 - (Exchange)'

forbrains said: 'The fact that there is nothing that sounds even remotely like this album is a testament to its perfection.. Ive had to listen to this album hundreds upon hundreds of times, yet it sounds just as mystic as it did so many years ago. There will never be another Mezzanine.'

MuzikizuM said: 'One of the greatest albums of all times. I feel so lucky i was born on this era.

I have no clue what people might listen in 50-100 years.

But i'm pretty sure that albums like this will Never be forgotten.'

Massive Attack - Mezzanine (Full Album) by

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