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We wouldnt have to worry about tripping on our shoelaces if we hopped like kangaroos..

Considering that...

Trip hop albums like the ones below are an excellent way to make the most of your day. Fire up your new personal soundtrack...

Nctrnm - NctrnmFM13

Nctrnm NctrnmFM13 song img

this is the 13th collection my favourite soundcloud discoveries.

follow on spotify: open.spotify.comusergreypiramidw5RRilAqXE1GadCw.

NctrnmFM13 by Nctrnm

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- Polymyth Steliograph [Trip Hop, Downtempo] (full album)

A personal obscure favourite of mine, Steliograph (2008) is the only album released by Edinburgh-based trio Polymyth. Their sound generally falls into the categories of trip-hop and downtempo but also shows influences of many other genres. Of particular note are the soulful vocals of Miriam Remally which accentuate the melancholy and sensuous atmosphere of the album.

A Little Bit Darker (Reprise)

Voyeur's View 1:26

Slipping Away (Meanin Gless) 5:34

Coming To My Senses 10:32

Devil 16:31

Lust Always Clouds My Judgement 20:09

Never Going Let You Push Me Down Like That Again 25:19

Move Over, Move On (Steliograph) 30:00

Common Fense 34:17

Connected 42:40

Say It Over (Again) 47:18

Bind You To Me 51:14

Lost 56:45

Trevor Prough said: 'I really like this its definitely unique which I love'

Alan Arias said: 'Wooow, saludos desde Mexico! Excelente disco.

Thanks for such amazing album, never disappointed. Greetings from Mexico!'

Tatjana said: 'perfection.'

Polymyth Steliograph [Trip Hop, Downtempo] (full album) by

Le Gang - Lo-Fi Beats Chill (Full Album now on SpotifyApple Music)

Le Gang Lo-Fi Beats  Chill (Full Album now on SpotifyApple Music) song img

Spotify: open.spotify.comalbum66SPQzd2PnEeT96vfqxkuJPjEA

Apple Music; music.apple.comsealbumlo-fi-be-chill1479806278

Amazon: www.amazon.comgpproductB07XTRBR11

Lo-Fi Beats Chill (Full Album now on SpotifyApple Music) by Le Gang

Nctrnm - NctrnmFM12

NctrnmFM12 by Nctrnm song img

- Nym - Warm Blooded Lizard (2011) - Full Album [HQ]

This album is inspired by the music and emotions of the spaghetti western film genre.

No need in skipping tracks. Instrumental hip hop masterpiece. Njoy.


01 Nym - Warm Blooded Lizard - Exposition 00:00

02 Nym - Warm Blooded Lizard - Derecho (ft Emancipator) 01:03

03 Nym - Warm Blooded Lizard - Redwood 03:54

04 Nym - Warm Blooded Lizard - The Ballad of Dylan Owen 06:49

05 Nym - Warm Blooded Lizard - Right Here and Now 09:15

06 Nym - Warm Blooded Lizard - Gunfire in the Sky 12:57

07 Nym - Warm Blooded Lizard - Rats! 15:48

08 Nym - Warm Blooded Lizard - Skeleton 18:58

09 Nym - Warm Blooded Lizard - Cuckoo 21:59

10 Nym - Warm Blooded Lizard - Forlorn Hope 25:41

11 Nym - Warm Blooded Lizard - Bandida 30:04

12 Nym - Warm Blooded Lizard - Prelude 32:45

13 Nym - Warm Blooded Lizard - Thistle (ft Emancipator) 36:13

14 Nym - Warm Blooded Lizard - Hanging 40:35

15 Nym - Warm Blooded Lizard - Lesser Known Good 44:06

16 Nym - Warm Blooded Lizard - Seven Hills 49:07

Nym said: 'new Nym record jan 6 2020! so nice to see all these warm comments. thank you all for listening.'

Furashu said: 'You know that feeling when you're listening to some mix of different songs from different artists when you hear that one great beat and then you find who's that is and it turns out that his whole music is that great? It's pretty awesome. :D'

Deqster said: 'OMG I love this album. Absolute favorite has to be Lesser Known Good.'

Nym - Warm Blooded Lizard (2011) - Full Album [HQ] by

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