Tribe Royal Ask You to Be "Good to Me"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Tribe Royal's new tune "Good to Me" reigns in rock and love for a bright, light listen.

Happy rock is a wonderful thing, and "Good to Me" is a big, endless smile.

"I love you more than words can say."

A riverboat and rustling reeds... You're all afloat.

Such sound... And laughter leaps overboard, joining jolly, dark ripples.

Slow going is easy. Everyone's easygoing. What a cruise...

Odd Nugge-done

"...We'll be good as new."

"Good to Me" rolls out the same good-time vibes as the Rembrandts' "I'll Be There for You" of 'Friends' fame. There's ample guitar, relatable lyrics and unmistakable organ.

The organ delivers this track to the righteous rockin' dimension of Vanilla Fudge and Iron Butterfly. It's an ear-catching addition with a lot of lead moments.

Beatwise, "Good to Me" shuffles and swings with classic rock energy. Kicking up a storm... There's a nice rolling mix-up around the 1:30 mark as well before the chorus kicks in again.

If you're up for a good time, you just might enjoy this track. If you're not up for a good time, what on Earth are you doing here?

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