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More people die from Xmas tree fires each year than shark attacks but we gladly bring trees into our homes while leaving sharks out in the cold.

But, anyway... Tree art is awesome! These pieces from around the net will inspire you...

AssasinMonkey Tree Guard

by AssasinMonkey

Death Tree

Cole Eastburn Death Tree


More Like This

Four Seasons on Behance Tree illustration, Tree art ...

 Four Seasons on Behance  Tree illustration, Tree art ...


Cat tree

Scilex Cat tree


Essential Tree, designed by the Berlin-based artist collective realities:united,is a large representation of the abstract trees used by architects in their design models.

Essential Tree City of Edmonton Public Art Collection

Azot2021 Tree with Civilizations

by Azot2021

tree of life

FanngzYT tree of life


Rafiki's Tree

Finnian MacManus Rafiki's Tree


Whether you want to go the traditional route with a basic tree structure, or go for a more eccentric feel like a galactic family tree, any option you choose will be a great school project, family activity or gift to a family member.

For an adorable family tree idea, try a handprint photo family tree.

For a vintage family tree feel, consider a DIY chalkboard family tree.

Creative Family Tree Ideas Printables - Personal Creations Blog


Shurismane Tree


Wallpaper : digital art, artwork, illustration, drawing ...

 Wallpaper : digital art, artwork, illustration, drawing ...


If you don't know history, then you don't know anything.

You are a leaf that doesn't know it is part of a tree.

Michael Crichton

Naviira Tree Study

by Naviira

Tree Explorations

Oriana Menendez Tree Explorations


By the th century the Christmas pyramid and the paradise tree had merged, becoming the Christmas tree.

Christmas tree, an evergreen tree, often a pine or a fir, decorated with lights and ornaments as a part of Christmas festivities.

Many families place presents around an indoor Christmas tree to be opened on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Christmas tree Tradition, History, Decorations, Symbolism, Facts Britannica

Tree House

Hommet_ Tree House


Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.


Pin by Ella Jones on Sketching in Tree drawings ...

 Pin by Ella Jones on Sketching in   Tree drawings ...


As mythologies developed, the idea of a mighty tree that formed a central axis for the flow of divine energy linking the supernatural and natural worlds took symbolic shape in the Tree of Life (Arbor Vitae) or cosmic tree, rooted in the waters of the underworld and passing through earth to heaven.

While the tree remains to be a powerful source of wisdom and understanding offered to us by the earth, there are other aspects of earth that offer positive stimulation like this.

A great symbol that allows humans to call on the power of oxygen, drawing it from the earth to ourselves, and also expelling it into the world again, is the tree.

The symbolism of trees and their photos for art in your interior space

Emerald Tree Boa animation I did for a class

Ophio134 Emerald Tree Boa animation I did for a class


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