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The Amuco were Indonesian warriors the Portuguese observed going into a trance like state, where they were uncontrollable - hence the phrase, running amok.

With that in mind...

Trance music albums like those featured in this article come at you with all kinds of crazy sounds. Tune on in...

LYFO - Feel That Fiery Anthem (EP)

LYFO Feel That Fiery Anthem (EP) song img

My 3 fresh unsigned works. Enjoy! Support me by sharelikefollow comment. With your support you will see new tracks a way sooner!

Feel That Fiery Anthem (EP) by LYFO

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NYC Standstill by Volker Lankow

NYC Standstill by Volker Lankow song img

When NYC Sounds Covid 19 first came to my ears, I was thrilled. Geoff Gersh said about his work:

A couple of days into NYCs Corona Virus quarantine, I realized the city was entering a period where it would be the quietest it's ever been in modern times.

It was amazing to consider that the sound of the city, where people, cars, trucks, buses, trains and planes are active all hours of the day and night, reached a near halt on March 20th.

I decided then to document the iconic parts of the city that would normally be bustling with tourists and locals alike, setting off to record a compiled list of about 40 locations.

Half way through the list, I was compelled by the idea of making a field recording in every single neighborhood in all five boroughs of the city to document the new sonic landscape of this unique moment in history.

I started doing some research, and while the exact number is a topic for debate, I came up with around 375 neighborhoods that I would need to visit.

Using printed maps of each borough, I drove to each neighborhood and made recordings without leaving my car. For most of these aural documents, I would arrive at my destination, stick the...

NYC Standstill by Volker Lankow



00:00 1. Legend B - Lost In Love (Madwave Remix)

03:43 2. Billy Gillies - Lovesick

06:56 3. Feel Elles de Graaf - Shadows [The Sound of Without You] (F.G. Noise Remix)

10:10 4. SoundLift, RedSound Cathy Burton - Empty Echoing (Stargazers Remix)

13:53 5. Philippe El Sisi Omar Sherif - Chasing Sunrise

16:58 6. Haliene - Glass Heart (Craig Connelly Remix)

20:40 7. Route Too Far Sarah Howells - Without You (F.G. Noise Remix)

24:10 8. Roger Shah and Stoneface Terminal - Hyperion

27:11 9. Conjure One Jaren - Animals (Daxson Remix)

30:38 10. Susana Raz Nitzan - Fall Into Trust

34:21 11. Talla 2XLC Susanne Teutenberg - My Favourite Mistake

37:08 12. Bryan Kearney - Euphoric Recall

41:04 13. James Dymond Katty Heath - Wilderness of Mirrors

44:33 14. Myde Hanna Finsen - Over Over Again

48:02 15. XiJaro Pitch and Sholan - No Remorse

51:48 16. DJ T.H. and Cyre Linnea Schossow - Chasing Shadows

55:15 17. Elles de Graaf - Lighthouse (Yoshi Razner Remix)

58:41 18. Selim Ozkaya Db Mokk - Summer Breeze

1:02:25 19. SMR LVE Roxanne Emery - Let The Light In

1:07:20 20. Sarah Russell Raz Nitzan - Borrowed Time

1:10:58 21. SCHALA - Space (Luminance Remix)

1:14:28 22. Trance Classics Cathy Burton - Reflections of You

1:18:10 23. ReOrder Katty Heath - Meteorite (James de Torres Remix)

1:21:19 24. Dan Stone - Sorrento (Dan Thompson Remix)

1:24:10 25. Kaimo K - Voyager




Vocal Trance

Progressive Trance

Sebastian Stala Official said: 'Wow, the Madwave's remix of 'Lost In Love' works so well as an intro here. So energetic.

This set makes my day today! My heartbeats turn up to sync with the music. Here we go! Trance on '

Dung Nguyen said: 'Wonderful set and good sound I love it, thanks Razsaid


Selections 2021 V.2 (free download!) by Zenon Records

Selections 2021 V.2 (free download!) by Zenon Records song img

The Music Network - Pushed Out

The Music Network Pushed Out song img

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Pushed Out by The Music Network

90's Edits Series by Various Artists

90's Edits Series by Various Artists song img

Free download series with edits from 1990 to 1999. Bangers only!

90's Edits Series by Various Artists



My self-released work. It is something between Progressive Trance and Progressive House. You can support me and buy this track from Bandcamp. It will shorten the time of the next release. Thank you and enjoy!


- Trance - Break Out [Full Album]

80,621 views Dec 10, 2013

Nicolas Doyon said: '1. Break Out 0:00

2. Confession 2:41

3. Get It Now 6:51

4. Burn The Ice 10:33

5. For Your Love 15:50

6. Loser 20:37

7. Ain't No Love 28:11

8. Higher 32:14

9. Baby Child 36:03'

Paulo Xavier said: 'Vc nao tem outros albuns completos do Trance nao?? Como o Rockers, Back in Trance e o Die hard?? Caso tenha-os, poste-os no canal ai pq sao mt fodas!!'

Meanstreak - said: 'This is a great album !!!.'

Trance - Break Out [Full Album] by

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