Tracy Bryant Sings Through Soft Plumes of Smoke in "Drag"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Tracy Bryant's "Drag" is smooth grit to sand your senses with.

Amid electric fuzz and jogging drums, this song soothes your mind and settles your heart.

Nevermind details...

We're up with the sun, going...

Past where vision fails.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"1,2,3... Do you see me?"

Like the Doors if kept in constant motion and smoothed out at the edges, Tracy Bryant's "Drag" drones and twangs to a quick-step and a rock hop.

Drums hasten at this track's offset, startling lightning bug keys and cricket-song guitar strings into action. Whirring wind whips at the mix's fringes, heralding the onset of stormy spoken lyrics, choral. Sound is a cloud. Feel, a force of nature.


Tracy Bryant effectively taps at the subconscious in "Drag" with trance-inducing rock rhythm and melodic whispers. You're delivered to a distance uncharted atop tension of harmony and poetic veiling.

Unwind in wind and waves of sound with this ecstatically melancholic tune. "Drag" is no drag at all. Trust, and press play.

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