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Even adult dolls would be alive in the Toy Story universe..

With that in mind...

People from all over have loads of eldritch toys stories like the ones below. It's all too easy to read them all...

I'm currently working on a paranormal project surrounding people's experiences would love to hear your stories!

Hey guys, I'm working on a project where I'll be including stories of different people's personal paranormalunexplainedalien experiences, details on various haunted dark historical places around the world amp; any photos of anomalies etc. caught on camera.

I'll also include stories involving spirits which are part of different cultures amp; any interesting legends surrounding them.

If you'd like to contribute feel free to tell your story in the comments or PM me. Please include your first name, city amp; state (or country) with your submission.

I look forward to hearing your stories! (:

Posted on Reddit by spookycxbra.

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I threw the toy down the basement stairs like I always had.

But what I wasn't expecting was the loud scream that came from the darkness.

Posted on Reddit by cowlife7.

"Goodnight," I whispered to my son as I tucked him in with his favorite stuffed toy.

If I didn't know any better, I would have thought that the little brat was only asleep.

Posted on Reddit by Legitimate_Warning20.

I saw my wife sleeping contentedly in our bed, our son and his friends passed out on the couch after a marathon gaming session, and our daughter in her bed snuggling her favourite plush toy.

I put my gun under my chin, thinking, Just one bullet should be enough to #&@$ them all up.

Posted on Reddit by cindybubbles.

I want my daughter to have all the nice things I never had, and want for nothing.

She'll have silk clothes, a big family that loves her, new toys every day, and all the riches her heart desires, so I can't help but smile as I press the pillow down into her rattling crib.

Posted on Reddit by AmberFall92.

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