Toyed With by Reuben's "Deadly Lethal Ninja Assassin"



Where it came from and where it went are mystery, but this song is legend.

Farcical, dynamic and relentlessly rude... "Deadly Lethal Ninja Assassin" embodies its era like a Green Day poster with gum stuck on it.

Waiting for the break...

The breaks never come in this track. Not for the subject of the band's fascination, nor us, the enraptured listeners.


Guitars chug fast and heavy in pop punk fashion - jumping rhythmically from verse to verse. The stars aligned in this one and it all came out awesome.

I wanna be just like you

No they don't, the jokesters. But they do want to entertain us.

Song's like this ARE the 00's. All angst, humor and coordinated chaos. It's fun in an addictive sort of way.

Check it out!

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