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Ever wonder where all your old toys ended up after being thrown out or donated?

Some say they pile up in landfills and break down until they take on a life of their own.

Speaking of that...

Toys stories and books with creepy details... If that's what you're looking for, you'll find plenty to peruse below!

My toy just vanished when i was a kid

So compared to most posts here i guess this sounds a little lame, but i feel a need to share it as it has been freaking me out ever since it happened.

When i was a kid, i was a huge fan of the movie cars and had some toy cars from the movie. This happened shortly before Christmas when i was around - years old. I was sitting in my room, playing with my favorite car, when my mom entered and wanted to open the advent calendar with me.

The calendar was right behind me so i left my car where i played, in the middle of the room, turned around, opened the calendar, turned back, and the car was gone. Me and my mom searched the entire room that day but couldn't find it anywhere. We have even moved since then, and i looked through EVERYTHING once again during packing, but the car is gone to this day. I don't want to believe that an object can just vanish suddenly but i can really not imagine that i just didn't find this car. I looked through the whole room with my mom, i looked for it by myself countless times and i essentially looked through everything i owned twice because of moving...

Update: my mom says it was actually cars

Posted on Reddit by 8BITDeluxe.

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As a toy maker, I was quite surprised when the police showed up at my doorstep.

Apparently, one of my stuffed animals was identified as a family's pet.

Posted on Reddit by coqueen89.

i entered my toy factory after hours once i had received a security alarm notification from the main room,

it would appear my victims had relocated to my dolls and would now be taking their revenge.

Posted on Reddit by scruncho2.

I had enough of little $#!#s tantrum so I took away their toys .

Now its pitch black and I can hear them growling like bears and their crawling creates this rumbling like a trains on tracks .

Posted on Reddit by waterswine.

I hate glass doors at night.

This experience really wigged out my family and I.

It was during the time my mother, father, brother, myself, and our dog Goose were all living under the same roof. It was an evening after dinner, mom was already soaking the dishes, dad was clearing the table, I was finishing up my plate, and my brother was in the furthest part of the kitchen playing tug with Goose and her new toy. The rest of us turned to my brother to engage in the game while Goose frantically jumped around between us anticipating her next turn. We were all joking and laughing when we noticed right away that something was off, this wholesome family moment quickly took on an entirely different mood.

The reflection from the overhead light in the glass door was distorted behind my brother. The glass was warping right before our eyes. It looked as if someone was on the other side pushing in on the door. You could immediately feel the fear sweep across the room, and before my brother could even process what we were looking at, there was a loud and aggressive bang as the glass snapped back to it's original state. We all jumped, and my brother nearly pissed himself as he whipped around to investigate what the hell just happened behind him. The rest of us stood there frozen, even Goose. We exchanged looks with each other as if to say, "you just saw that too, right?". The room was very still and ominous until my mother says aloud "well, that was weird", then she proceed to go about tending to the dishes, which encouraged my dad and brother to proceed with their normal as well. That left me standing there, in awe, just staring at the blackness on the other side of the glass door.

Posted on Reddit by Daun_Sharay.

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