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Some of the crazy space strategy games that follow are likely to follow you around. You'll have to play them sooner or later - best to start now!

JezzBall Atomic

JezzBall Atomic video game Developed by Cracked Atom and published by Cracked Atom

Developed by Cracked Atom and published by Cracked Atom

JezzBall Atomic is a remake of the classic Windows game JezzBall. Youre tasked with capturing the Jezz atoms that are bouncing around inside each chamber by building new walls and trapping them in a smaller space. But be careful, incomplete walls cant withstand the impact of a Jezz atom!

3 game play modes are included: Classic, Arcade and Survival.

Classic is a homage to the original JezzBall by Dima Pavlovsky and features the same rules and chamber size to allow players to experience the classic on modern devices.

Arcade includes 40 levels across much larger chambers and features different Jezz atom types with unique characteristics.

Survival is a new mode where you start with 10 lives with 1 life granted at the start of each level.

JezzBall Atomic

JezzBall Atomic video game Developed by Cracked Atom and published by Cracked Atom video screen

More about this game here.

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Advanced Space Battle (C64)

Advanced Space Battle (C64) video game by Protovision

Made by Protovision

ASB stands for long, turn-based space strategy matched for 1 to 4 players.

Who builds the biggest interplanetary empire and prevails over the other players and the aggressive mutants?

Two distinct game modes are available: In the Classic Version, a solo player or a group of 2 to 4 competitors fight against an evil computer enemy known as Deep Jones.

The Advanced Version (where Deep Jones does not participate) is played according to more complex rules that require skilful planetary management: Investments in areas such as research, technological modernisation and defence must be balanced as to ensure adequate living conditions for the population.

The historical development of each match is registered in a log file, allowing for later analysis via line charts.

Advanced Space Battle (C64)

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NEBULOUS: Fleet Command

NEBULOUS: Fleet Command video game Developed by Eridanus Industries and published by Eridanus Industries

Developed by Eridanus Industries and published by Eridanus Industries

Take command of a fleet of space warships tailored to your exact play-style. Favor a small task group of robust, flexible multi-role combatants, a large group of specialized ships, or something in between. Do battle in a heavily simulation-based tactical game featuring everything from kinetics and beam weapons to realistic radar and electronic warfare. Nebulous seamlessly blends the thoughtfulness of pre-mission planning, tension of battle decision-making, pressure of real-time action, and pain of inevitable sacrifice into an intense tactical space game that will keep you reflecting on every decision (and mistake) for hours after each battle.

Skip the economy management: you're here to dominate in battle. Drop into the battlespace with your full fleet and carefully plan your moves. Deep, methodical combat based on thrusts, withdrawals, and counter-thrusts keeps the tension ratcheted up without numbing you with a screen constantly full of explosions. With no reinforcements coming, every hit hurts and every loss counts. Victory favors thoughtful planning and precise execution.

It's in your hands, Commodore.

Control In-Depth

Band-boxing your units and right clicking the enemy doesn't fly here. With small, intimate battles, we offer you unparalleled control of every unit right down to their individual mounts.

Keep your entire fleet together, dynamically split off task units, or give each ship its own assignment. Large maps with lots of cover and radar occlusion make methodical positioning and sight lines critical. Massing firepower in one place is not always the best solution, as the enemy could come from any direction in the fully 3-dimensional battlespace. Covering your retreat is always in order.

Group your weapons and task them to different targets or focus fire with everything you have. Selecting the appropriate weapon to engage a target is as impactful as deciding which targets to engage at all. Weapons have compounding benefits and drawbacks, all of which can be compensated for and planned against.

Radar And E-War Simulation

Intelligence is key to victory and your situational awareness is never a given. Use asteroids and gas clouds to obscure your ships from enemy sensor systems while illuminators and fire control radars mark targets and the enemy attempts to blind you with jammers. Occlusion, passive signal detection, and balancing radar signature size makes fighting for intel as vicious as firing missiles.

Plan To Win

All fleets are unique in Nebulous, and you won't know what the enemy is bringing to the field until your first radar contact. A point value system keeps fleet strength in balance, but you may spend half the battle (or more) trying to determine your adversary's capabilities.

The built-in fleet editor allows players to build their fleet from a set of hulls, each with their own niche, and configure these hulls to vary their capabilities. Each new ship is a blank canvas waiting for you to express your tactical identity.

Detailed Damage Model

There are no healthbars; every ship is held together by its armor and its components. All armor damage is positional, meaning hits to undamaged areas will face the full weight of the armor plating. The armor protects the soft, critical interior components and the ship's crew who will fight frantically to keep the ship operational. Damage control teams will move from compartment to compartment, repairing damage where they can according to a module's criticality and the player's priorities.

NEBULOUS: Fleet Command

NEBULOUS: Fleet Command video game Developed by Eridanus Industries and published by Eridanus Industries video screen

More about this game here.

Escape The Living Nebula

Escape The Living Nebula video game Developed by Plimmerton Games and published by Plimmerton Games

Developed by Plimmerton Games and published by Plimmerton Games

Escape the Living Nebula strikes a balance between deeply strategic turn-based and casual gameplay allowing for a satisfying and challenging strategy game that can be played for short periods of time.

Players must guide three ships through ever increasing dangers to escape a nebula coming to life while at the same time battling enemy craft.

Give your ships commands using a console designed for mobile touch-screens in a turn based environment then watch the actions play out in real time in a physics-based battle ground.

Story mode provides a more relaxed progression through the game while survival and rogue-lite modes provide more challenging experiences with increased variety between play-throughs allowing for excellent re-playability.

An unlockable sim mode allows for custom battle design to allow players to hone their skills against the wide variety of enemy craft.

Evade enemy fire, charge shields and fire torpedoes.





Escape The Living Nebula

Escape The Living Nebula video game Developed by Plimmerton Games and published by Plimmerton Games video screen

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Mass Warfare

Mass Warfare video game by josefnpat

Made by josefnpat


Mouse - move cursor

LMC - Select

RMC - Attack

A - Select all

R - Rotate ship building type

Manual mode: use updown to zoom inout.

This game was made by josefnpat for the February 2015 OneGameAMonth challenge.



Added F11 for fullscreen

Fixing xbox 360 xinput on win 8 input

Disabling vsync

Topsy Turney'd the changelog


Fixing keyboard enabledisable

Changing save directory

Adding support for:

XBOX 360 controllers (wireless on donglexinputwired)

OUYA (Linux Only)



Allow up to 8 players

Allow 0 human players

Colors shuffle on game start

All ships have been reskinned as two races, four colors each with four classes each.


Fixes the zoom bug

Added a manual camera

Show what player won at the end

Adding title for non-fullscreen.


Window is now fully resizable

Added rally points


Initial release

Mass Warfare

More about this game here.

Space Colonizer

Space Colonizer video game Developed by Ugly Unicorn and published by Ugly Unicorn

Developed by Ugly Unicorn and published by Ugly Unicorn

The self-elected government on Earth came with a brilliant idea how to solve the problem of overpopulation on planet Earth. All they need to do is to find the best colonizer. Will it be you? Your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to colonize nearby habitable planets. Or is it a little bit different as it seems? This game will test your logical thinking and entertain you with a story at the same time. Only you and your never silent flight computer flying through space with a live load.

You have to launch a rocket with human cargo from your ship and try to make it land where it should. Other planets, stars, black holes, asteroids and other cosmic objects stand in your way. Some of them you can use for navigation, other mean the end of the trip for a few hundred people.

Space Colonizer

Space Colonizer video game Developed by Ugly Unicorn and published by Ugly Unicorn video screen

More about this game here.

This Next Time

This Next Time video game Developed by Agent C. Games

Developed by Agent C. Games

Human civilization has been attacked by aliens set on the elimination of all sentient life in the galaxy. During this war, you were able to merge with a previously unknown substance called ALT. As a result, you can now control ALT in a way previously thought impossible. Your control of ALT allows you to build impossibly large military units known as Behemoths, and more amazingly, control time space.

You are now in control of the last remnants of humanity on the run from these warmongering aliens. You are tasked with eliminating the aliens' presence on a network of planets. Your ultimate goal is to eliminate the aliens on their home world.

Gameplay: This Next Time features hex based real time strategy gameplay. You will experience gameplay across countless procedurally generated maps. You can build various types of production centers based on the terrain type to generate resources needed to support your military. Build military bases to generate infantry, tanks, exo-skeletons, and air units to attack your enemies. Defeat alien bases to create Behemoth production centers. These behemoths are monstrous hero units that are capable of incredible power and destruction. Defeat the aliens on each level to advance and use your ALT to power up your units with the upgrade mechanic between each world.

This Next Time

This Next Time video game Developed by Agent C. Games video screen

More about this game here.


Maia video game by MachineStudios

Made by MachineStudios

About This Game

Maia is a strange and hostile alien world, toxic to humans, yet lush with new life. Your mission is to colonise this poison eden, survive it's dangers and establish humanity's first foothold in the stars. Created by independent developer Simon Roth, Maia is a space colony simulation game about surviving and thriving on another world.

Build your Base

Burrow into Maia's mineral rich crust to build and manage a complex base that fulfills your colonist's needs. They'll need somewhere to sleep, somewhere to build and a steady supply of food, water and energy.

An Enormous Procedurally-Generated World

Twelve light years from earth, the planet Maia circles Tau Ceti. Its atmosphere is toxic, its surface is ravaged by solar flares, super storms, and meteor blasts and its unstable crust is constantly shifted by catastrophic earthquakes. Nevertheless, it is theoretically habitable. Explore Maia through a series of vast procedurally generated and fully simulated mission areas, each one several kilometres in size.

Challenge Yourself

With a fully fledged narrative campaign, stand alone missions and several custom sandbox modes, Maia has many, many ways to test your management skill and creativity.

Research the Planet to Survive

Maia is a hard science fiction game based on real or extrapolated technology. Some of the colonist's tools have been brought with them, but others must be fabricated from what they can find. Once your base is up and running colonists can begin to study the native environment researching new ways to use the flora and fauna of Maia to their advantage.

Dangerous Atmosphere

Maia's surface is toxic to humans, keep the colony safe by carefully managing the atmosphere around your base with well placed airlocks, atmosphere generators, heaters and air vents. Air flow and heat circulation are realistically simulated, emulating the deadly challenge of surviving on an alien world.

Advanced Colonists AI

In Maia you don't have direct control of your colonists, they operate on their own initiative, fulfilling their wants and needs. You'll need to take care of both their bodies and minds if you want any of them to survive.

An Army of Robots

Colonising an alien world isn't something humanity can do alone, instead they've created robotic helpers to do the jobs they don't want to. The I.M.P. robot digs through Maia's crust and collects useful minerals, while the Utility Repair Robot takes care of all that routine maintenance humans can't be bothered with.

First Person Mode

Experience Maia through the eyes of your pet robots. Assume direct control and explore your base in first person, directly interacting with it by performing your robotic tasks. Become part of the world you've built.

Genetically Engineered Super Chickens

To survive, your colonists will need to create and manage new sources of food. Build hydroponics, raise livestock and eventually capture and domesticate the alien fauna. Unfortunately most of it tastes terrible

Maia runs on a custom game engine made by independant developer Simon Roth. It is used exclusively in Maia and is purpose built specifically to support this game.

Immersive Soundtrack

Maia's ambient soundtrack was recorded from real antique synthesisers onto tape giving it a rich and authentic science fiction feeling.

The Inspiration

Maia was inspired by games such as Dungeon Keeper, Theme Hospital and The Sims. It mixes strategy, management and construction with dark gallows humour about the many dangers of an alien world. Maia also draws from the retro future style of 1970s sci-fi.

Get Involved

You can see our updates and give us feedback on the game via Twitter or our active Discord. Check out the wiki for more info on how to get playing.


More about this game here.

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