The incredible era that was the 20’s is, in American history especially, one of immense innovation.

Cue the birth of the auto industry, cinema industry, radio industry, airplane industry… Not to mention flappers and Art-Deco!

Creativity took command in the “Crazy Years” as traditions tore, masses modernized and the novel became the everyday.

Mass culture took root in the roaring 20’s and never let go.

The “Golden Twenties” came crashing down with Wall Street in 29, but much of the era’s influence and culture lived on.

The music of the decade is of a special importance – marking a dramatic shift in ideals, culture and style to a new horizon. Liberation.

The 20’s were the “Jazz Age” and a right jumpin’ time it turned out to be!


Here are our top timeless twenties tunes:


La mode à Ascot (Grande-Bretagne), en 1925. RV-67520
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