Toothpaste Drag Us Into a Dream "Outside Panucci's"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Soft, downy dream pop delivers a dose of downtempo tone in Toothpaste's "Outside Panucci's".

Sound, subtle and wonderful, weaves intricate patterns of loose, lingering harmony around you in this sweet, smooth song.

Life on the other side...

How is it? How was it? Did you rise above, or...

Diving, faithless, find the light.


"I wanna hear how it ends..."

In gleaming plumes of audible froth and spume, "Outside Panucci's" spurs your descent into dream. We're paddle-less drifting downstream.

Interminable string notes lace tufts of harmony to mood-shaping forms. Drums catch at edges then fall away to echoes below wavering vocals and bass barely surfaces from deep-diver depths.


Mood makes this track precisely what it is - magic of mind, serenity of sense, surrender of will... Sweet. Rounding the third minute mark, amidst gentle howls on guitar, you can feel the full spacial appeal of this song surround you - just in time to see you off with fading intensity.

Toothpaste make minty freshness of a genre as established as any in "Outside Panucci's", instilling it with a sound more immaterial than others, yet solid enough to sense. It makes a lot of sense to press play.

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