Tony Luck Spins Truth in "Pivot"


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Tony Luck lives his mission in music and mentality, pushing his newest production "Pivot".

Trap vibes strapped to a Molotov of meaningful lyrics ignite on contact with the ears here.

"If you fight for what's right, put your fist up in the air."

You can see the sun. From the ocean's floor, its outline is barely visible.

You're so deep you can no longer feel the waves. No current pulls you.

Fish fly in schools above you. Whales roam alone around you.

You're where you need to be. It's cool beneath the sea.


"Have no fear. It's only temporary."

As Luck would have it, "Pivot" spins a spell of rebellion; a common thread in his music. Exposing corruption, corrupting a broken system and systematizing the spread of truth... "Pivot" and the rest of Tony's songs have serious goals. Giants, he's slaying with every word.

The beat is an underwater utopia loaded with land-mines, exploding in clicks and snares at every turn. Synths swim from side to side and vocals dive in from all directions.

"Pivot" packs plenty of power in a relatively small package of two and a half minutes. It's dynamically shifting throughout and easy to enjoy. Enjoy it and listen.

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