Tony Luck Pacifies in "Antagonize"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Depth and defiance converge in Tony Luck's new track "Antagonize."

A spoken exploration of the current state of society, Luck's latest tune carpet-bombs listeners with truth set to a lapsing beat.

"...Wake up from this hypnosis..."

Take a ride. Just recline... And drive far away.

You want to leave, but here you are, on your back.

Speakers are your psychiatrists; time your therapist.

One thousand troubling thoughts revolve inside, yet none are your own.

"If you get angry, they win..."

Mixtape wonder set in step with a slew of modern concerns; "Antagonize" is spiritual as gregorian chant and appraochable as asphalt. It's throwback rap over records; spit over spindles...

High roads, mental/physical freedom and other such spiritual sundry abound as Tony weaves word webs in and around the track.

Odd Nugget -done

The melody belying the beat repeats like the metaphorical broken record of the world's problems, set straight with calm words and positive vibes. It's haunting, harrowing and deliciously incitive. A fitting embellishment for a stimulating song such as this.

The beat itself is chill and bouncy with neat subtleties injected in the margins of each chorus.

If you fret over falling in line, this track will speak to you. "Antagonize" is both call to action and worthy listen to boot. So, listen and love.

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