Tony Luck and Ventage's "PaperBoat" Will Force You to Sea

tony luck odd nugget

Tony Luck and Ventage buoy your brain with their smooth new tune "PaperBoat".

This song is fly, no lie.


What is a moment?

What is a lingering soul?

A mere memory...

tony paperboat

"Don't speak negativity - you must think I'm someone else..."

Tony Luck and Ventage float and flow in "PaperBoat," piecing percussive elements and melodic spume together like audible puzzle pieces, harmonious. Yes, it's solid as a song can be, enriched with a dash of poetry.

Rhythm rocks the boat as this song sets sail. Energized lines come cast across an ocean, gleaming, with guitar strings strung and strewn across the soundscape. A wealth of words traipses this tune's changing topography while melody pitches and keels. Listen closely or you're bound to capsize.

paperboat tony luck

Tony Luck takes up a decidedly laid back vibe throughout "PaperBoat," pulling you deep to submerge in a sea of chill sounds.

"PaperBoat" is smooth sailing, through and through. Crisp sounds all around and an inviting atmosphere drown your ears in this sublime song. Hit the button below and go.

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