Toni Sidgwick Gives Sweet Sorrow a "Try"


Odd Nugget Social-done

An acoustic lullaby tipped with tenderness; Toni Sidgwick gives her new track more than a "Try."

"Try" sets a sweet tune to sad sentiment, then clears the air in breathless resolution. It's a cool, calm and cozy listen.

"I try, try to know..."

Pages of thought rip to wind. You're a fury.

Collapsed over a mound of missed opportunity, your eyes swell in sorrow.

Time washes over you. Waves rinse specks of pain off into sand.

Alive, you wake and marvel. Morning light ignites your world.

"You know in that moment..."

"Try" builds on itself carefully - etching out its outer edges with each soft note. 'Softness' is perhaps a perfect qualifier for Toni's voice and sound.

Each moment makes memory of melody with an earnest, pointed approach to expression. There's a Colbie Caillat touch to her style that lends warm meaning to each verse of the track.

odd so-done

As the rhythm grows into itself over the course of the song, we're welcomed into a blossoming story, then, with a sudden curl of the chorus, it's over.

A crested wave falls to the shore...

If you're up for smooth, peaceful listening, this track is yours. If you're not, try listening anyway. You just might love it.

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