Tondos - Circular Masterpieces


Early in Greek history, a singular sort of art form was born, an especially circular one.

The "Tondo" revolves around annular design. Essentially, its a work of art completed within a circle. Hence the name, derived from the Italian word for round, "rotondo."

Tondos have been made as paintings, pottery, sculptures and more.

Although this type of art has been around since Greece's early days, often featured on vases and the like, its name was introduced round Renaissance time. So far, the term has stuck around.

In most tondo artwork, the depicted scene's background is left out. There are exceptions to this, of course, but these are usually painted tondos. Sculptures and other works tend to hold fast to the foreground at the background's expense.

We've gathered a number of fine examples of tondos for you to appreciate. From classic paintings to sizely installations, old and new, the circular charm of this enduring art form knows few bounds.

Tondo Circular Art

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