Tommy Down Sees Right Through the "Superficial" in Chill New Track

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Soulful blues comes broken up by rebounding beat in Tommy Down's new song "Superficial".

Cheap talk and false personas play it too cool for school in this tune, taking on pub and club culture by sinking deeper into the two.

Love in a shot glass...

Heart in a hand and plans slipped from the other...

Don't bother making demands.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"You think you're cool, you're cooler than me..."

Tommy takes us deep into a love-hate relationship with late night city scenes in "Superficial," settling on sullen acceptance with resigned relaxation.

Toned down lounge groove comes studded with claps and mellow keys in this tune. A razor bass makes ribbons of the mix as guitar chords flit like little birds on the fringes. Vocals ease in with nonchalant verve, very much a mood in the making.


Disillusionment with the party scene rears its face for "Superficial" as Tommy harps on the shallow nature of it all. Biting disdain is etched in every refrain; its effects are engraved in your brain.

Overwhelmingly jaded and charmingly mellow, this music might just make your night a bit brighter. Eyeball the video and enjoy the song. The button's below.

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