Tom Gregory Loses Himself in "Losing Sleep"



A moody, musical exploration of relationship troubles... "Losing Sleep" is as catchy as it is authentic.

Tom Gregory injects fitful passion into this one - crying out in genuine angst over love gone awry.

Sounds like a rough night.

"Slammed your door in my face..."

The door is a drum. It cracks against your palms, but no one answers.

How'd you get this bad?


A curtain rustles in the dark. A light ignites interior darkness.

The door swings open. You catch boxed keepsakes as it closes once more. It's over.

"Fighting 'bout nothing all the time..."

This track's pop on the nose - no surprises.

There are definite parallels between this and Shawn Mendes's tunes. A heavy kick, a soft, plucked start and clear emphasis on the vocals...

That being said, there's a subtle tinge of exotic appeal in "Losing Sleep." Something about it is perplexingly unique and enrapturing. An almost oriental theme colors it a special shade of blue.

You just might love this track; especially if Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive" and "Thunder" are up your alley.

Become an insomniac and give it a try.

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