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If ever you've wanted an ice cream cone, it'll be while you're watching this music video.

Billy and his buds destroy an ice cream truck on the sunniest day ever and it's all you'll be able to think about for a while after watching.

But, why watch when you can read?

When Does the Song Start?

smashing pumpkins van

We're rolling up to our main man, Billy Corgan, enjoying some 'comic relief' on a shady curb somewhere and the angst is palpable.

smashing comic relief

Subliminals laser etch make-outs on your mind like the crimson neon of a red light district advert on an agitated adolescent's inexperienced eyeballs.

Also, this guy has no shoes...

smashing pumpkins what are those

But shoes are irrelevant to Billy Corgan. Shoes, like Billy's God and Billy's naughty daydreams, are empty.

Almost as empty as Billy is to himself.

pumpkins naughty dreams are empty

Also, the song hasn't started yet, so this music video is just a ______ video for now.

Please play the song, Billy

smashing billy and kids

Not all heroes wear capes, but Billy brought his bowtie. He's just that kind of guy.

But, deep down, he dreams of being THIS kind of guy...

pumpkins this guy

Yep, he dreams of making out on sidewalks in bell-bottoms with no. SHOES. ON.

It's hard, you know... Dreaming all damn day, while surrounded by ice cream and comic books.

Betcha never thought an ice cream man could sweat through his uniform...

billy smashing pumpkins hard day

Well, think again bub. Think again.

Thank god he pulls himself together, though.

Half a minute into the video, the music finally kicks in and our hero takes the wheel of his iced out automobile.

smashing wheel of the van

Awwww Yeah, Baby

smashing pumpkins driving in desert

This has to be about the happiest sounding song about sadness I've ever heard. The video even looks happy.

And a bit randy...

But, mostly happy.

randy andy and the smashing pumpkins

I guess it wouldn't have killed them to tone the subliminals down a touch. They're kinda... Everywhere.

more subliminals pumpkins today

But, the chill vibes win out.

Most of the video evokes a lightness of the heart. It's like everybody's floating on air, wind wipping through their hair, off to anywhere, because Billy don't care.

pumpkins looking around

Somewhere along the way, things get a little nuts.

Like, just a little...

oh billy what a mess pumpkins

People start playing with paint... Presumably the lead-based variety.

smashing pumpkins painting

Oh, and our boy Billy might be out of a job.

pumpkins out of a job

Too bad... The orgy people on the hill likely could have used some refreshments.

orgy people on hill smashing

Oh well, they'll settle for half of the band's name instead, I guess.

I'm not sure there's much of anything left to say about this one. Give it a look-see if you were born yesterday.

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