Tiger Twins Ask and Possibly Answer "Was It Worth It?"

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Tiger Twins take to quick-tempo retro rock with upbeat familiarity in their new tune "Was It Worth It?"

An almost Primitives vibe divides this track between two separate eras. One foot in the past and another in the present...

Love like a boiler room... Heart like an engine...

Thoughts like a fine-tooth comb catch at fringes.

Your boiler room love blows your engine to bits.

It's not always that which you want that you get.


"And it was better than nothing..."

"Was It Worth It?" works meaningful depth into exuberant energy, mixing a healthy dose of melancholy mind-wandering into an otherwise cheerful track.

Rhythm ranks high in emphasis throughout "Was It Worth It?". Guitar tang blends in a tumbler of icy tones. Tones touch at words in a rush, whistling by at speed.


Lyrics incorporate the titular question, with the addition of melodious musings on a marred relationship. Amorous issues take sonic form, exasperated by the up-tempo tick of the track. One thought leads to the next and there's no going back.

Speed and deceptive simplicity give "Was It Worth It?" the guise of a typical rock tune, all the while delivering more layers of meaning than first meet the ear. As a takeaway, we can say the listen is well worth it.

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