Three Mile Smile Will Introduce Some Welcome "Changes" Into Your Life

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Rolling rock on a tide of bliss... Three Mile Smile's "Changes" charges in with an army of harmony, charming.

Wailing guitars wash up and over in waves of solid sound throughout this rocking tune.

Where did the day go?

Who stole the night? Hours away with minutes, but...

At the moment, you're alright.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"I'll pick you up when you hit the ground."

Tones collide and combine to tune in Three Mile Smile's "Changes". Steady and abuzz with bristling energy, this track traces the divide between soft rock and psychedelia.

In the vein of the Velvet Underground, this song rocks, righteous, with riotous reverb. Drums topple over themselves at an ambling gait as chords echo into a state of harmony with loose, flowing vocals.


Three Mile Smile talk change and traverse such thoughts with carefree calm. To approach life with detached amusement and make the most of it... Makes sense enough to see it through.

This song is retro rock with a modern mentality. For a mindful of moving music, do listen.

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