This is What Happens When the Rockers of We Are Southpaw "FOCUS"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Explosive guitar, gritty with distortion, detonates on impact in We Are Soutpaw's new track "FOCUS".

If you're up for an ear-bending experience, listen here.

A daydream at dusk...

At dawn, a dilemma... Surrender for once...

But, always remember...

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"When I saw your face today, all my worries ran out of the way..."

Like Foo Fighters chopped over Bloc Party, "FOCUS" flings fretted notes and crystal clear vocals with frenzied exuberance.

Notes pile up and accrue to harmony, chaotic, dissolving into a mix of movement and energy deep enough to drown a man.


Lyrics allude to anguish departing in the presence of another. Pleasantly bright tones lighten the mood as we're met with riant reassurance. Passages piece thoughts together in a beeline to wellbeing and "FOCUS" re-frames itself as uplifting in essence.

Proud punks and rockers will feel real good listening to this. You just might love this if you're neither of the above though. Press play and give it a go.

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