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In the Toy Story Universe, that giant Gundam robot in Japan is alive.

At any rate...

The crazy toys stories in this roundup might make you wonder...

Christmas Home Videos

My parents have home videos of my family from the s as babies up until the teenage years.

We have most Christmases on tape as well and the one year my brother and I got the same present, in the same year, on the same day and it's the weirdest thing. They filmed Christmas morning (early s) and my brother and I got the "Don't Break the Ice" game. It has a bunch of ice blocks and a polar bear on one. The goal is to "break the ice" out but not let the bear fall.

Then the next clip is our evening Christmas dinner with the extended family opening presents from them and we open the same gift? It's super bizarre because it was caught on tape, (the recorder had a time stamp everytime it was filming) everyone noticed it right away. My parents were super confused would have never bought us the same game twice.

We still have no idea what happened but now just laugh about it.

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I believe something inhabited a clown toy in my room

This story happened to me when I was around , in early s.

My moms friend gave us a gift on the Valentines Day. It was a wall decoration: a clown sitting on a wooden swing. The clown body was made of cloth and his head was ceramic. In general, he looked cute, so we didnt mind putting it on a wall. In the end, it was a gift and we wouldnt just throw it away. I wasnt afraid of clowns (at that point of time).

Our apartment was basically a one room apartment with a separate kitchen. My parents just came together again, so we all slept in one room which was also a TV room. The clown was right above my bed.

Things started to get weird right away. I felt being always observed in that room and in the whole apartment. I was uncomfortable, I started to have sleeping problems - a lot of nightmares, and they were violent. I was not a fan of horror movies and I did not consume scary content. This uncomforted living continued, and once I woke up at night and immediately felt being watched. My dog was sleeping with me in a bed frequently, and I looked at her - she was looking up - at the clown. I freaked out. I started to pet her and she completely ignored me. I was poking her and got zero reaction - as if she was hypnotized. At some point she came back, I hugged her and couldnt sleep rest of the night. I didnt talk to my parents about the clown because it bothered only me, and I thought its in my head.

Next morning I decided I had enough and before school I talked to the clown. I said that I hate him and I will throw him away if he doesnt stop. That was sort of a power moment, on the back of my mind I laughed at myself for believing in this bull$#!#.

That day my mom told me that she needs to go to the train station and meet her friend who will overnight at our place. My dad was on a business trip. So I had to stay home alone between after school until around pm.

I was of course scared, but it was going well while it was a daylight. I watched cartoons and some teenage series. The sun started to go down... and I thought I need to turn in the light. I reached out to the lamp and it didnt work. The switcher did not work. I decided to turn on the light in a corridor then. Again, the switcher didnt work. I though I will die from my heart racing like crazy. I was scared to go to the kitchen, I was paralyzed by fear. I though to myself - I will just sit on a sofa, will watch TV and nothing will happen to me. Same second I see with my peripheral vision that one of the clowns leg sort of moved and slightly bounced against the wall. I told myself I am just too scared and there was nothing wrong, its my imagination, its just a toy.

What happened next I have no idea, its a completely blackout for me.

According to my mom, she came back home with her friend and called the doorbell (I had key inserted, so they couldnt come in). I didnt open. They called on the home phone and I didnt pick up. They went down to ask concierge if she saw something. The dog was barking like crazy and they could hear it through the entrance doors. There was light in the room which they could see from the balcony. They say it lasted for about minutes before they called emergency to break into apartment and around maybe minutes for them to arrive and break into.

Lastly, I sort of woke up as my dog was poking me with her cold nose in my face and hands. All I remember is that I turned on, there was light everywhere, dog was jumping on me and banking, the phone was ringing contanstly and people were knocking on the door screaming my name. It was a chaos. Another thing, I was lying on a pillow under the blanket as if I went to sleep. When I opened the door my mom and her friend were histerically crying, they thought Im dead or something. I told that I was watching TV and I probably felt asleep so deep that I didnt hear anything.

It was around pm after we ate and prepared to bed. I slept in a bed with my mom and her friend in my bed. I didnt tell anything about the clown because I was just so stressed about the whole thing. In the morning her friend told she felt very uncomfortable and couldnt fall asleep because she felt observed, then she pointed at the clown and said it was creepy. Thats when I told them that the last thing I remember is the clowns leg moving before I passed out. I guess we all got horrible chills.

Next morning I went to school, my mom threw away that clown far away from our area. It would have been great if she told me about this beforehand, because when I came from school and didnt see the toy I started to spin around thinking this $#!# is standing behind me with a knife. When I realised its just not there anymore I sat near the open entrance doors and waited for adults to come back from work.

This is the story. The scariest $#!# I had. Other weird things happened in that apartment too.

Posted on Reddit by ktdlj.

Weird Toy Horrors

When I was a kid I had this Mermaidia Fairytopia glitter swirl fairy Barbie with big plastic wings that had a glitter liquid in them. You would press a button on her necklace and a gear in the wings would start spinning to make the glitter liquid circulate.

Anyways, whenever I clicked the button it would make a loud "brrrr" sound. Well I kept my dolls in a plastic container under my bed and one night I was woken up by my Barbie toy going off with that familiar "brrrr" sound. Just so you know, you had to push that button hard and hold it. Naturally kid me freaked out and my sister tried to calm me down so I would go back to sleep.

The next morning I found that same babrie with it's head broken off. Needless to say I never played with it again and still to this day don't understand what happened.

I shared a bunk bed with my oldest sister, I had the bottom bunk. Just for scale, I could fit under that bed no problem even with someone on the bed. There was no way the bed could've pressed on my dolls. The containers were not a tight fit, in fact it had plenty of room and this wasn't the first time I had experienced my toys going off by themselves; however, it was the first time one had been broken.

In addition to this, my mom had told me about a time when she was asleep and she thought I had come into her room cause she saw a blonde little girl out of the corner of her eye. (I also have blonde hair hence the confusion) when she turned to see why I was up she realized it wasn't me and there was no one there. I had also felt a presence of child and she would always mess with my toys cause I'm guessing we were around the same age at the time, but I didn't really understand that as a kid and usually just got scared. I still occasionally feel her presence and sometimes spot blonde hair out of the corner of my eye. I think she has recently been messing with my little nephew's toys now.

Posted on Reddit by Momothekiller.

I was super excited when I unwrapped Mama's Christmas present.

Looking at the terrified girl huddled in the cage, I just hoped that this new toy lasted longer than all the others.

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