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You can choose to take the forest stories below at face value or with a grain of salt, but they're all still super weird.


Coy didn't know the difference between herself and her pack members.

As far as she was concerned they were the same, they were family.

She had always been a part of the pack for as long as she could remembered.

There were times when she felt different but those moments were few and quick to pass.

Then along came the strange wolf that was even bigger than she was.

He smelled of the forest, humans and wolves.

He moved in a way that intrigued her even though all the wolves in her pack moved just as beautifully.

She was so drawn to him that she refused to allow the pack to attack him.

But how could she get the pack to accept him when he was clearly so different from them? How could she get him to accept her pack when he didn't seem to want to even be there? Hours, days, weeks.

Bentley didn't like the idea of a wolf born mate, a wolf that couldn't shift.

He was a shifter.

He wanted a shifter mate, not that he ever thought about it until now.

Still, he was taught the Creator didn't make mistakes.

So, he had to step up and get to know this wolf.

He stayed, stealing the moments and glances he could.

When he found out the wolf couldn't be his mate he still couldn't make himself drive away.

He didn't know what the attachment between them was but it was undeniably an connection.

He needed to find the reason for the bond.


I felt a gentle breeze bush against my skin while I walked through the forest.

But it was difficult to enjoy when I could hear the trees breathing.

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I had a nightmare about getting chased by something in the forest when it was raining

When I woke up and got out of bed, there was dirt and mud on my feet

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The Secret of Camp Crypt

Mackenzie Commons is your average surfer from San Diego, California.

His long, sunlight-blond hair and dark, tanned skin trademark him as the laidback, relaxed type.

But his grandfather from Richmond thinks all that time in the sun might not have been best from him.

So as October came to a close, Grandpa Commons dragged his complaining grandson out of the beach town and out to Camp Crypt, the spooky old campsite in Northern Virginia's dark forests.

But other than sleeping in a cold, spider-ridden cabin and dealing with the killer mosquitos, Camp Crypt had some perks.

The barbecue was good, and so was the scenery.

Not the miles of open forest or the sparkle on the Lake, but Jax Adara, the hottest girl at camp.

But wooing her won't be as easy as girls back in California.

Camp bullies, snobby rich kids, and pesky middle schoolers will make the camp more pain then pleasure.

But that's not the worst part.

After Mackenzie barely escaped a mysterious attack from an unknown, dangerous beast, the camp is set on edge.

Something is wrong in Camp Crypt, and Mackenzie is determined to find out what it is.

But that isn't as easy as it sounds.

Not everything Mackenzie hears is trustworthy, and he doesn't know who or what he can believe.

There are dangers at camp-dark, evil dangers that Mackenzie needs to stop.

And in he end, he may very well uncover every secret of Camp Crypt.

The Secret of Camp Crypt on Wattpad

My parents and I kept roaming through the forest along with volunteers in order to find my little brother who disappeared during our campingtrip.

I was wrong for thinking that mummy and daddy would finally start paying attention to me once I got him out of the picture.

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It's a beautiful, snowy night in the forest, and a clump of snow just fell on me.

The earth is shaking and the roars are getting closer.

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Lurking (On Hold)

A small town is haunted by it's mysterious circumstances surrounding the forest nearby.

However, they refuse to accept what is happening and continue to have a summer camp open.

This happens to derail the plans of Rory who is just trying to enjoy the last few months with her friend until she leaves this town for good.

Despite the mysterious happenings around the camp she learns to confide in another girl named, Piper, and together they learn the ups and downs of friendship, love and the consequences of abuse and extreme trauma that can have a disastrous effect on someone's mental state.

LGBT themed book (gxg) Similar to the genre of Haunting of Bly Manor I guess Keep in mind this is my first rough draft.

It will not be perfect at all.

Lurking (On Hold) on Wattpad

I grew up near a forest, I know every tree and bush out there

If you ever come visit, dont go into the ponds or lakes, and ignore the calls from the faces on the trees

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