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People from all over have loads of eldritch farm stories like the ones below. It's all too easy to read them all...

Wish Upon a Farm

The government watches closely on the last farmers still here.

The people that get turned into animals live at these farms before being killed.

The farmers are the people with powers who control farms.

You ever lived on a farm and see an airplane flying above? Yeh that'd the government making sure you aren't trying to help the people.

But Ivy knows better.

I can't do this Moonshine.

My powers are better than this I can't just kill Radom FBI people even though they kill more people." " No Ivy it's not cuz of that it's because I....

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After years of hateful online comments about her looks, Sharon finally decided to get extensive plastic surgery.

Dr. Simons, renowned plastic surgeon, had never regretted hiring that Filipino troll farm.

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Paranormal histories. What encounters whit the unknown have you had during your life time?

Paranormal histories. What encounters whit the unknown have you had during your life time?

Ill start.

I was on vacation, as back packer, in southern Chile, the country i am from. I was in the great island of Chiloe, a beautiful place whit great landscapes, rich seafood, nice people, and fauna beyond any spectation. We where invited to a farm as you may call it (i cant get a solid translation to english from what we actually call it here, but whatever). This farm belongs to a long life friend of my uncle and he is quite the persona in the town, everybody knows who he is and is very beloved.

Anyway, the first day we camped there we went to bed late, like 3 AM or something, and as i was laying down in my tent trying to sleep i hear some sort for sining from a nearby forest (this man owned a lot of land, he was the owner of entire hills, he pointed at 3 and he said they where his) it was late in the night so i shrugged it of to me being tired, then the singing turned into screams, similar to a woman, but blood curling, like, almost an animal kind of thing, not human.

After that i started hearing things around me, around the tent, chains moving around, heavy objects falling where my feet where pointing, a mans heavy breathing, almost dieing gasping for air.

Crawling things above my head, footsteps on the grass. I covered myself whit my sleeping bag the best i could and dont remember when i fell asleep, the next morning i told my sister and my brother, they told me to not think about it, then i told my uncles friend, he laugthed and said i had an active imagination.

But his wife, she told me something along the lines of "Boy, this island is big, a lot of thing are hidden in here, and sometimes, things out of the ordinary happen."

The thing is this, the south of Chile is rich for its folklore, specially the folklore around whichtcraft, a thing that our grandparents tought us to believe in, and not to be triffle whit, and Chiloe is full of this stories.

Apprently the town were we where at, Dalcahue, has a meaning in the Mapuche languaje, the Mapudungun, and it means "City or town of sorcerers" and every tuesday and thurdsday, the sorcerers go out and do things, the day we came to Dalcahue was tuesday.

An even a tribunal of the catholic church went to taht town to burn at the stake whitches and sorcerers, part of a cult called "The rect provindence", thay practiced white and black magic and aid the people in need and punished the one who wornged the innocents.

My sister found out of that piece of information after gathering it from a local tourist agency that made a trip to a cecluded location, a haunted forest where is told that sorceres do their rituals, and guess what, they dont do it neither on tuesdays on thurdsdays.

Edit: grammatical errors where bugging me

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Daughter Of Swords

Hadley lived a relatively normal life with her loving, adopted parents on their massive farm.

She had no complaints until the gruesome visions started.

Every night she was plagued by the same hallucinations that kept her up for hours.

Convinced she was crazy, her parents sent her away to a mental hospital for a year.

Now that Hadley has returned home, she'll have a whole new set of problems to deal with.

Not only is she returning as the "crazy" girl, she also catches the attention of new student Cal who helps her to learn the dark truth about who she really is.

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I don't know what I encountered, and I'm still afraid to walk outside my house at night

Okay, so for some context, my family just got an 8 week old puppy, and I (23 NB) don't get home from work till about 1am. Well, normally we have the puppy sleeping in his cage in the living room where my grandparents sleep, and when I got home that night I saw his cage open with no sign of him around and got a little confused but, thought maybe he was sleeping in my parents room or something. Realizing I left my phone charger in my car, I went outside to grab it and have a quick cigarette. While I was smoking I thought I heard the squeals and yelps of the puppy over in our neighbors wheatfield next to our house, we live up in the mountains of PA so there's a lot of farm land and woods around us. Thinking I might have accidentally let him outside without realizing it I ran the charger inside and grabbed my phone to have a light. When I was back outside and got closer to the dead wheatfield, I could hear an animal walking around but couldn't see the dead wheat moving at all, so I started trying to coax what I thought was the puppy closer to me, the footsteps sounded cautious but started getting closer and louder, loud enough that it sounded like the dead wheat in front of me should've been visibly depressed even in the small light of my phone flashlight. What I heard next is a sound I will NEVER forget and honestly sent the worst chills I've had down my spine. It sounded like a power drill but REALLY loud, like it was playing in a speaker directly against my ear, the scariest part was it sounded like it was coming from something natural, or at least not mechanical. I ran for my life and now when I'm outside I hear breathing,footsteps and other weird sounds but nothing like what I heard that night. That was 2 weeks ago and Im still not sure what I heard, can someone please help me possibly figure out what it was I encountered and why it still feels like whatever it was is watching me outside my house

(EDIT: THE PUPPY IS SAFE AND OKAY!! I found out the next morning that he had been sleeping under the blanket on the floor next to my grandmother! My apologies for forgetting to wrap that part up )

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Ming was proud to call himself his parents' only child until his dog made a gruesome discovery on the family farm.

Now Ming is ashamed to call himself his parents' only son.

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The Shadows of Wheeler Creek

It was supposed to be a simple farmhouse - a new life away from the city.

A family moves from California to Utah to pursue the freedom of a rural lifestyle.

Their new life in an old farmhouse in the foothills turns out to be nothing like what they expected.

Young Brian must cope with a whole new life fraught with mysteries and dangers never imagined before moving to live among the shadows of Wheeler Creek.

Based on actual reports of Incidents that occurred in Northern Utah.

The Shadows of Wheeler Creek on Wattpad

I had a brief moment of doubt wondering if we had any evidence involving him in the wildfire that ended up burning my house, farm, and brother

But the heat of the cheering crowd convinced me of throwing my lit lighter at his beaten unconscious body covered in gasoline

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