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Goosebump alert! These are some seriously strange school tales. Proceed with caution...

cold dead summer stray kids

"w-we killed him." "he's dead, right?" "i don't wanna freak you guys out, b-but he's right there."

cold dead summer stray kids on Wattpad

My childhood home

My family moved to a small farming community in Stanislaus county, Ca in 1991. I was only 5 at the time. At that age as we all know, your mind is working overtime in the imagination department. So I had seen and heard things but my parents played it off as me just being 5.

As I got older, they would tell me not to worry, but the things I told them about were real and they would hear them too. Theyd say, dont worry they cant hurt you. So here we go:

The layout of our house was an L shape in a small 1400sqft single story house. The living room and kitchen were the short leg of the L and the hallway leading to the garage was the long leg. Along the long leg were the bedrooms, with my brothers room directly opposing mine and the garage door entrance being immediately to the right.

Things started off innocently enough. Early on wed heard some noises, and creaking in the attic but nothing that couldnt be confused with the settling of the house (freshly built). The whole house had carpet except the kitchen, which was tile. There was an almost nightly occurrence of a distinct slow and deliberate foot shuffle down the halls. It would stop, and then start again traveling the opposite direction as if the individual was pacing. Sometimes a door handle would get bumped and wed hear the tap of the metal against the wall. I remember we got one of those trash cans that would open when you stepped on the foot pedal. The damn ghost must have really enjoyed it because a few times a night Id hear it open and close, sometimes preceded or followed by the manipulation of something else in the kitchen.

Some years later things got more serious after one particular incident: I had gotten home from school early, and no one was home (parents both worked). I was in our living room eating lunch and I heard knocking on the garage door. It went from a light but consistent knocking to a few bursts of 3-4 hard knocks. My dad being notoriously impatient made me think they had opened the garage but locked themselves out. I walked down the hallway, saying Hold on Im coming! The knocking continued until I opened the door. No one was there and the garage was dark. I ran down the hall as fast as I could and exited outside. I stayed at a friends house for 4 days.

The second and last direct interaction I had, I was sitting at our computer chatting on AIM (circa 1998, and abbreviated for AOL instant messenger for anyone younger than 30). All the lights were off except the kitchen which was on the other side of the short partition wall that the computer was against, so you could look into the kitchen without standing up. My mom was outside gardening, it was about 6pm during the summer. I heard a rapid shuffle near the garage and a dart of the black shadow which went from the hallway to the kitchen and disappeared as soon as it appeared. It was so fast it didnt have time to react I just sat there in total fear. That stagnant air when it entered the room felt so real I can still remember what it felt like today. Again, I stayed with a friend for a few days and refused to come home. I was about 14 at the time.

The most common thing also happened to be the most terrifying. We would periodically hear voices. Mostly a mans voice, and it would vary from slight single words to an occasional shout. It was very distinct, and was later what my parents agreed upon as a short booming echo sound. The voice was never directed at us, but obviously VERY angry at someone, and VERY vocal for several days before it would stop only to start again whenever it felt it needed to. I never understood why ghost hunters use recording devices to record a faint sound. This one was very distinct and absolutely undeniable. When the voices came the air felt weird. Not cold like people say, but stagnant; like hard to breath.

The first time someone other than family heard it was when my girlfriend at the time (now my wife) stayed at the house and woke me up because she heard someone shout What are you doing! NO. A few months later she heard it again, this time coming from the garage, repeating the same booming NO!

My best friend would stay over a lot, but never heard anything for years until one time when he woke up to the shuffle of feet and the NO! He didnt stay again for a few years. One morning my mom got home from work as I was leaving for school (she was a nightshift nurse) and she told me that she was sorry she didnt get up when I tried to wake her during the day, that she was tired. I of course didnt as she needed to sleep mid day. According to her, she woke up as a tall white male walked into her room, as he turned to enter the the bathroom he glanced over his shoulder and said Hey. She said she was marginally awake and didnt think much of it. She said she quickly went back to sleep thinking it was me. When I told her it wasnt , she damn near turned transparent as her face flushed. It was the first and last time anyone saw the actual apparition, not a shadowy figure.

A few years before I moved out, my parents had gotten a nasty divorce. My mom began to fix up the house to sell it and things went from bad to worse. The shuffling foot sound changed to obvious steps. The voices seemed louder too, more angry. Wed hear objects get manipulated during the day not just at night. The voices were still never directed at us and but started to not make sense, just shouting vague echo like sounds. Shadows started to appear more frequently and obviously too. My mom and I would watch tv every evening on her days off. The living room had a large cutout in the wall that looked into the hallway and a door entering the bathroom. It became a normal thing to share a sighting of the shadow, the ghost seemed to haunting the hallways and kitchen the most and it would be a quick moving shadow. My younger brother was the only person who said he saw the shadow hover momentarily before disappearing, again, in the kitchen.

Our house was built on the demolished site of a barn, the original farmhouse sat just across the street. We were good friends with the owners, but we never heard of any origin stories but I dont know if that matters. For all we know they killed hordes of people in there before selling it to the developer! One thing stayed constant: The sightings and voices would get more active in our house when there was a change in our household, no matter how slight. We just learned to live with it, even though it scared the $#!# out of us. Wed just share stories and nervously laugh it off.

Our family ended up selling the house, and its been 13 years since Ive lived there. We still talk about the happenings to this day.

Posted on Reddit by Deputy10848.

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Did I see a skin walker?

I'm not a big on the paranormal, but holy $#!# I have no answer to what I saw back when I was a kid. This memory has stuck with me for years and occasionally it rears its ugly head only for me to question my sanity. I've brought it upto friends and family before, only for most of them to laugh at me while the remaining few believe me simply because they're superstitious (if I said I saw a Leprechaun and it called me a racial slur they'd believe it just because). I'm gunna be VERY detailed about the location and where I saw this take place, because I'm almost desperate for people to believe me.

This happened on the main island of St.Vincent and the Grenadines, specifically in the Kingstown area. My school held the annual sports day heats at the Richmond Hill Playing Field where students competed to see who would represent the house on Sports Day(By house, think of it like Harry Potter with Gryffindor, Slytherin and all the others). Back then I was a fat kid, with zero intention to participate but went to just get a day off from school and to talk with my friends. I stayed in the shade, drank cold sodas and talked until it was time for my family member to pick me up.

On the way home, theres a bit of traffic so I look out the window to pass the time. That's when I see it, not too far but far enough to hardly notice physical features. Three dogs running across a hill near Richmond Hill road. Two dogs were chasing around a much bigger dog. Idk why but I couldn't take my attention off the dog they were chasing, something seemed off. It moved so weird, it was really nimble and funny looking. Traffic started moving again and just before we were out of sight, the #$@$ing dog stood up on its hind legs and started walking like a normal person. I'm talking about 4 good steps, arms waving back and forth, while beginning to look more human. I freaked out in the car, trying to tell my family members in the car what I just saw but they laughed it off, claiming I'm hallucinating from all the running and overheating. Again, I was a fat lazy piece of $#!# at the time who did more talking than running that day. The superstitious friends of mine claimed I saw a jumbie, which is a goat demon? Doubt it was a goat demon but whatever it is, I'm confident I didn't hallucinate it

Posted on Reddit by Panzer-Hawk.

Northern Ridge: Prequel

-Prequel to Demon- Xavier can't take it.

Rose just hopes they don't kill each other, And Northern Ridge is praying they grow up quickly.

Titus and Darius can't become adult soon enough.

It doesn't help their version of playing together is to see who can make the other cry first while ripping apart the cave.

The beta's son, Rupert is right there with them getting into trouble.

Their parents are just holding out until their of mating age, and praying that might calm them down.

A mate who can turn them into responsible men and good future dominants.

What a joke, that'll never happen.

Not with Darius leading this mini pack.

Northern Ridge: Prequel on Wattpad

Sleep Paralysis and Lucid Dreaming are a Terrifying Combo

Around the age of seven, I recall visiting a friend's house. We used to hang out on his trampoline and talk about usual things that kids speak about. I'm not sure how we came across the subject, but we ended up discussing Hell one day. I recall going to a nondenominational church, but I had never heard of Hell. Apart from the Cain and Abel story, I believe we only went through Sunday school stories and hearing about the bad snake. Regardless, my friend begins to discuss Hell and the Devil. Like Santa Claus and monsters, I thought he was making it up. Similar to how we heard about mythology and stories, I didn't truly believe in those stuff.

However, I did believe in flying reindeers for a short time since I knew deer existed and that my teacher gave us "reindeer food." I finally grew out of it, but that was the only myth I thought had any merit. Now that I'm listening to my friend speak, I believe he sensed that I was treating his words as if they were a ghost story. The subject was subsequently dropped. I was pondering about his words later that night. Other than fire, evil, wicked people, eternity, and so forth... I don't recall the precise phrases. I was a fearful of the dark and disliked sleeping alone as a child, like many others.

Nonetheless, I eventually dozed off. I don't recall the entirety of the dream. All I remember is knowing it wasn't real and that I was dreaming. I recall being hot. I recall seeing flames. I recall the devil's voice. Even though I knew it wasn't real, I was terrified enough to wake up. I awoke to find my bed engulfed in flames. I couldn't get up. The burning was palpable. I was sweaty and afraid. The flames subsided and vanished. For a while, I struggled with paranormal feelings and religious difficulties. I'm still an agnostic theist.

I no longer fall asleep without first turning my head toward the wall and covering my head with a blanket with a small hole for air. I also no longer sleep on my back due to a different case of sleep paralysis. Even in the summer, I do it. I've had more sleep paralysis, both auditory and visual. I still dream vividly and lucidly. I never want to go through physical sleep paralysis again.

Posted on Reddit by Embarrassingleader7.

Jinns Are Calling Me...

I was in second grade in high school when this event happened. I was staying in a male student dormitory with a scholarship since my school was in a different city than my hometown. I was a quite successful student too.

We had four beds in our room. Unlike the other rooms in the dormitory, our room was divided into two by an aluminum door. The room had a single door. You had to pass through the part of the room we were staying to visit the other room.

Three beds and three closets were on one side and three beds and three closets were on the other side. The room was for six people, but we were staying as five. Volkan, Şener, and Kurtuluş were sleeping on the window side while I and Şukru were sleeping in the front section of the main door.

As five roommates, we used to get along with each other very well. Thus, we used to sit together on the window side and chat here.

It was a Friday evening. We agreed to buy some snacks together and chat until the morning after school. We went shopping and came to our dormitory.

We met in the room by the window and started a conversation. While we were talking about things, the teacher aide visited our room and took attendance. He also said, Dont stay up late, sleep. We told him, We do not have school tomorrow, we will sleep until noon. He left.

Later, we kept our conversation from where we left. It was late, and we kept talking about things. Then, we started to talk about jinns and some supernatural creatures. We were telling horror stories about them without caring whether they were true or not.

Since it was late at night, we were afraid of these stories, but we also could not stop listening to them.

Meanwhile, our friend Volkan was a sleepwalker. Our room was on the second floor. Sometimes, We could not find Volkan in his bed sometimes when we woke up. First, we used to worry but we got used to it soon. We were even making jokes about it.

We told this to our teachers and got the key to our room from Volkan. We used to lock the room to prevent Volkan from going out of the room.

We kept talking. It was around 4:30 5:30 AM. We said, Lets sleep now. Since Im afraid of such conversations, I said, I will not go to bed. I said, Im afraid of the other side. Keep the lights on. You can sleep, I will text my girlfriend. My friends told me, Okay.

Şukru was a bit weird. He was not interested in religion. He said, S. rew the jjinns. He also cursed them.

We all told him, Dont say such things and tried to explain the possible dangers he can experience because of these disrespectful words, in line with our beliefs. As expected, he did not care about what we told him.

Şukru went to the other section to sleep alone. I sat down and I was texting with my girlfriend. About 20 minutes passed after everyone fell asleep. However, I was still afraid due to the horror stories that I listened to all night. Thus, I could not fall asleep yet.

The door of the room was broken. You could not open the door unless you put too much pressure on the knob and sometimes you could not open the door at all. We even sometimes kick it. I heard the door opening. I stretched my head forward to see who entered but could not see anyone. I told myself I think Şukru left the door open and did not care about it a lot.

Later, the aluminum door that divides the room into two opened slowly. I thought the window in the hall was open since I felt a breeze too. I clearly felt the wind. The weather was slightly rainy and windy. I got up and closed both doors.

Once I turned around, Volkan woke up. His eyes were wide open and were looking at me. He asked, Who is sleeping next to me?. Since I know Volkan was a sleepwalker, I said Dont talk rubbish! No one is sleeping next to you. Go to sleep!.

Volkan swore that someone is sleeping next to him, his face is not visible and he even has black teeth. Although I started to get scared, I was still saying things like Volkan, there is no one there. Go to sleep.

Volkan got up and said They are calling me. I once said, Dont talk rubbish bro! No one is calling you. Go to sleep.

Volkan suddenly rushed towards the door with quick steps. He was a sleepwalker, but he used to move slowly. This time, there was something weird. While Volkan was about to get out of the aluminum door, I caught him from his waist and shouted, Stop!. However, Volkan kept walking by dragging me.

I started to shout to ask for help from my friends. I was shouting, Şukru, wake up bro! There is something wrong with Volkan! Meanwhile, Kurtuluş woke up and asked, Who is the one in Volkans bed?. He asked in fear, Volkan! Who is in your bed?

I turned and looked at the bed while trying to hold Volkan, there was no one in the bed. Şener also woke up to shouting and I told him, Go and tell the teacher! Something is happening in the room!

Şener jumped out of the bed and went to call the teacher. Meanwhile, Kurtuluş was looking at Volkans bed and was standing still.

Volkan was trying to keep going and shouting, Let go of me! They are calling me! I must go!. He was also trying to hit me and run away from me. Suddenly, I think of Şukru. I had no power to hold back Volkan. I yelled Şukru! but he didnt reply. Şukru was not in his bed.

Suddenly, I heard breaking glass from outside. Meanwhile, the teacher also arrived. Im not sure whether it is a coincidence or fate, but our teacher aide was our religion teacher on that day.

He was more knowledgeable than regular religion teachers. He was holding an old book with a red cover. He would never leave it.

He entered the room with the book and caught Volkan. Şener, me, and the teacher barely put him in the bed. While we are joking, I could easily put Volkan down on my own but the three of us were barely handling him. He was still shouting, Leave me! I need to go! They are calling me from below.

The teacher opened the book and started to read something Arabic. Volkan was calming as he kept reading. Volkan slept after the teacher read something for about five minutes. However, Volkans eyes were red Suddenly, I remembered that Şukru was not in the bed.

I said, Teacher, Şukru is not in his bed! I heard glass breaking outside! He said, Run!. The entrance door of the dormitory was aluminum. The top part of it was glass. The glass was broken and there were bloodstains. The door was locked. The teacher unlocked the door with keys and started to run.

He was running while saying words in Arabic. We found Şukru lying down ahead. He had cut marks from broken glass on his arms. The teacher and I lifted Şukru. Meanwhile, a few people woke up to the sounds.

They also helped us. While they were asking What happened?, the teacher said, Dont talk. However, he was still repeating the Arabic words. He kept saying the same words. We laid Şukru next to Volkan, to Şeners bed.

Kurtuluş was sitting silent and fixed his eyes on something on the floor. Volkan was still sleeping and Şener was waiting next to him. The teacher said, Go! Bring cotton or something like that. Then he opened that old book and started to read again.

Şukru was breathing but he seemed unconscious. We were calling him, but he did not wake up. I was trembling with fear. I felt like there was a burden on me and felt lighter as the teacher kept reading. Later, I fell asleep

We were at the hospital when I woke up. All teachers, the principal, and vice-principals were gathered and waiting in the emergency room. All four of us but Şener were lying in beds. We had a serum in our arms. I asked, What happened, teacher? He asked, What did you do at night? Şener already said, We walked about jinns, my teacher.

He showed Şukrus back. There was a red hand mark on Şukrus back, which was a bit larger than the regular human hand. He said, Jinns visited you. If I was not there, they could kill all of you. He also said, If you would not hold Volkan, he would be just like Şukru.

We stayed at the hospital for two days under observation. Our religion teacher did not leave us alone. Then we returned to school. They let us rest for a month and we did not visit the school.

They sent us back to our hometowns. I stuttered for a year after the event, but I got better later. The hand mark on Şukrus back remained for two years. Nothing happened to anyone after the event apart from our deteriorated psychology.

Once we got back to school, they placed all of us in different rooms. I couldnt stand everything and dropped out the school. I could not sleep in the dormitory.

Our religion teacher still calls us and asks whether anything else happened. Sometimes, goods that I remember in their place get lost. When I talked about it, my teacher told me that Jinns are playing games with you. If they would haunt you, you would not have stayed like this until now.

My mother took me to a hodja and ordered an amulet. I do not take it off even while taking a bath

Posted on Reddit by TheOddNews.

What Lies in Aldon Forest

Max, Tyler, Janet and Holly haven't been to their favourite childhood get-away, Aldon Forest, for six years due to the horrific events that took place there six years back, deeming it forbidden.

Precious memories of nostalgia always draw their attention back to it and now that school has finished, the four of them plan to reclaim their second home once again only to find that it is not quite what they expected it to be when an evil presence threatens their lives and people start to go missing.

Warning: My characters enjoy using swear words frequently, please keep this in mind before reading.

What Lies in Aldon Forest on Wattpad

I was warned about something big (long)

Trigger warning this contains some mentions of suicide though not graphic can still be unsettling, and if you have any input on what this might be please let me know I have no idea's personally

October 2016 the year after I graduated high school and got my first apartment which my girlfriend at the time S wanted to celebrate by having her birthday party there, as there weren't "adults" to get on our cases for being reckless. I had just stepped outside with S to smoke a cigarette and get away from the party as I tend to be worn out pretty quickly around a crowd and loud noises, I was probably about halfway done smoking when everything went dead silent. I looked across the porch to see S' mouth still moving then into the apartment where I could still see everyone talking and laughing without a single peep. After what felt like an eternity but was probably around 30 seconds a voice appeared, it wasn't one I'd ever heard leading up to this and is incredibly hard to describe but I'll try my best. It was deep definitely more male sounding and very distorted almost like a phone call with bad reception if that makes sense. All it said was a simple sentence "your dad is going to hurt himself... he's going to kill himself" then just as suddenly as it appeared it vanished, and the regular sounds resumed.

I leaped out of my seat cigarette flying from my hand, I looked around for anyone who could've made that comment, of all the people inside my apartment S was the only one who knew about the situation with my dad, which to give the most basic rundown since late March of 2016 my dad was pronounced missing. He put all his belongings into a storage unit and mailed my family the key thereafter. Occasionally police would show up to my apartment or my mom's house to double check that we didn't have contact with him or know his whereabouts, as it was breaking his parole being unreachable and with an unknown location, another thing to mention is he was a defined narcist meaning he loved himself more than he could ever love anyone else, my parents were also divorced for many years leading up to this and weren't on the best terms. Any who after flipping out at S and getting a very worried look and promises that she never told anyone else about my dad in response. I believed S when she assured me, she did nothing - she knew how sensitive I am about that subject and it isn't something that she'd even joke about. -

Come March 1, 2017, the whole party experience had mostly become a strange memory he was still missing at this point and no news about him much less him committing suicide. It was getting pretty late, and I was minutes away from leaving my mom's house to drive back to my apartment. Again, without warning the same voice from months prior came back saying 3 words "I told you." With that moment my heart dropped into my stomach, and I felt a panic rising up in myself, something I'd never felt before. When my breath returned to me, I heard a knock emitting from the front door, I glanced at the clock as I stood up with it being well after 9 pm I knew who would be on the other side of the door, and what news they were barring. I knew my dad killed himself. On the other side of the door stood a police officer.

Without going into too much detail the police officer told my mom, sister and I that in a state 8 hours away; shortly before he came down from our local police station, they found my dad driving sporadically, when the police officer was walking up to his window to talk to him. He pulled out a handgun and shot himself, dying instantly. Since this news I have yet to hear that voice again I was the closest to my dad from my family as my mom and sister didn't talk or acknowledge him for numerous years leading up to his passing, which might be why I got a warning so to speak. After his passing I became incredibly depressed and struggled with alcohol and drug addictions almost killing myself a handful of times, I often wonder what I'd have done if I didn't get that 'warning'...

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