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Whale watching tour boats probably have the most 1 and 5 star reviews..

With that settled...

You can choose to take the boat stories below at face value or with a grain of salt, but they're all still super weird.

As the rescuer's boat approached the flooded building, they managed to rescue a frantic dog just in time before the water began to rise.

Timmy, exhausted from hours of screaming for help, awoke to find his faithful companion gone; leaving him, stuck, cold, and alone.

Posted on Reddit by Iansheng.

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The diver used his hammer to knock another chunk of coral from the access hatch of the sunken WWII German U-boat.

Suddenly he heard something on the other side pounding back.

Posted on Reddit by 2LACHRD.

My kids went into the rowboat on the river diorama in the La Habra Museum and started singing "row, row, row your boat..."

I always wake up with a sting once they finish the song, back to my new house I made sure wasn't near any body of water.

Posted on Reddit by DeepFiemott.

years old undiscovered UFO footage. fishing boat on east coast sees UFO off the bow

[for details

you can see the horizon and a cloud in the first quadrant of the sky. there was minimal swell that night. u can tell the object is moving through the sky independently. no its not a laser pointer. object even appears to cloak itself.

Posted on Reddit by LarrytheMonker.

"there is currently a blackout at the school, please stay in you classroom until further notice" the PA system announced.

With pure horror in his face, my friend asked: "if the school doesn't have backup generators or batteries, how did they make the announcement?".

Posted on Reddit by avatrix48.

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