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Small town stories and novels like the ones in this article are weird. Very weird. But, you'll probably enjoy reading them...

Lost In The Woods

Selena Villanueva Garcia-Lopez hasn't left her family home, ever.

Most people don't know she exists, then again most people don't see dead people either...

Lost In The Woods on Wattpad

There was pandemonium in the small town when all the children vanished from one day to the next.

The experiment was a complete success: we managed to implant memories of sons and daughters who never existed to the whole town population.

Posted on Reddit by hernanredrum.

More Like This

There was an attempted murder in our small town last night - everyone is on edge, and rightfully so.

The escaped victim cant identify his attacker; his tongue, eyes, and fingers are sitting in my desk drawer.

Posted on Reddit by Zapp---Brannigan.

Counting Crows

In 1954, Luce Marlin and his brother Oscar make a stop to spend the winter in the coastal town of Wellsent on their way to New York, where Luce has a banking job waiting for him in the spring.

Oscar passes the time working as a substitute schoolteacher, while Luce works odd jobs around this town with more secrets than it seems.

Counting Crows on Wattpad

I chipped my tooth on a piece of peanut brittle candy from my small town's general store....

The piece of tooth i found in the candy was way larger then the piece missing from mine.

Posted on Reddit by FloatingRose.

I immediately took the man's fingerprints as he entered our small town jail.

"It makes it easier for us to frame him for other crimes later" my Lieutenant said as I slowly cut the skin from his fingers.

Posted on Reddit by RScommitted.

World of Shadows

What if you were something different, that the government couldn't decipher?

World of Shadows on Wattpad

Sometimes its hard to watch the reports on television about the rampant increase of murders in our small town.

They keep mispronouncing my name!

Posted on Reddit by Colourblindness.

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