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Gummy bear stories that delve into creepy details like the ones below are surprisingly addictive to get into. You probably won't want to stop reading...

Got a pack of gummi bears for free

From the planned parenthood trash-can

Posted on Reddit by Abortion-Gummi-Bear.

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I thought it would be funny to buy my room mate some sugar free gummy bears.

But I regretted that decision as I watched him excrete violent diarrhea on the designer bedsheets that night.

Posted on Reddit by sticcsandsnaccs.

He loved the texture and taste of the gummy bears as he chewed them.

He didn't enjoy it when they started chewing back.

Posted on Reddit by CadoProeliator.

Batteries That Fly? Or Coincidence Drop?

Ok so It's Tuesday November 16th and this happened about 1am. 30 minutes ago as I'm writing this now.

Update: PICS, Weights, and Measures.

(Diagram showing path and weight of object)

(Picture of lights as they were on the mirror)

(Where the light lands during attempts to recreate the event)

(Where the light was found)

(Please recommend another sub to post this if it isn't glitch enough. Don't just down-vote. I consider it a syncwink of some kind myself)

So I have been playing Metroid Dread and streaming it on Twitch for about 2 hours now. You can check my twitch stream if anyone asks I'll post link. I was happy to get it all working and metroid is one of my favorite games so I was a happy camper.

I had some issues with my wireless controller earlier and needed to switch the batteries. They are AA batteries. I have 2 of the same controller because I lost the usb dongle on the first controller so I bought it again. SO Now I have 1 dongle and 2 controllers that both work with it. Anyway, I ended up switching around batteries from a misc. drawer and using my other controller. That lasted a good while. I noticed the controller start to get less responsive again, and that is a sign I may need to swap out the batteries again. Since the ones that I just put in were used, not new.

Ok so I beat this scorpion boss thing and save my game. I get up to eat and take a break. I'm downstairs in the kitchen, and I had went downstairs with the intention of getting into the stack of AA batteries, the new ones. Now I kinda forgot about that and was stuffing my face with gummi bears and getting a salad. Total hungry mode. Then a LOUD noise upstairs. It was startling. I thought for sure something broke, or fell. It was so loud and disturbing that I didn't even want to investigate right away. I looked around downstairs...I thought it was the chimney for the woodstove making a noise. It wasn't. Just wind blowing through the chimney. We're moving stuff around and doing repairs so it's literally just a pipe from the ceiling and no wood stove there right now.

I turned on lights. I was kinda spooked. I go into my bathroom and see on the ground is my vanity lights. I had a small set of suction cup vanity lights that I bought as a goof and stuck to my bathroom mirror. There they are on the ground. They have been on the mirror for probably a year now. Not too weird I suppose..but I see the battery lid is popped up on one corner. And wouldn't you's all type AA batteries. I removed the lid and saw 4 type AA batteries and said to the whatever that knocked this thing on the ground "ok thanks, there is some batteries yes".

The weirder part is I stuck the vanity lights back on my mirror exactly where they were, where the markings were for the suction cups already. And it stuck instantly and strong, without effort. I couldn't pull the thing off. So I got my phone out and recorded this all to my snapchat.

I literally can't just pull it off without a great deal of man strength used. In fact when I did rip it off it made a really loud sound and I said "that's it! That's the sound I heard. That, and it falling on the ground violently I guess".

So does someone really want me to get back to playing metroid dread? Or is this like a hint that I need to put new batteries in my vanity lights also? By the way, the batteries in the lights were no help, they are near totally drained. When you turn on the lights they just flicker and are dim. Creepy right? AMA or tell me it was just the wind...even though it was eerily quiet and windless the moment I went up there to investigate. Weird stuff happens to me all the time btw.

Posted on Reddit by Shnast.

i had a not-so-imaginary imaginary friend

some of this information i got from my mom, as i was too young to remember all of it.

from the moment i started speaking, i would tell my parents about dod. i was obsessed with him. i would tell everyone about him, i would talk to him, id play with him. my parents assumed it was just an imaginary friend, lots of kids have them and considering im the youngest of four boys they guessed that my brothers didnt wanna hang out with a little kid, so i made my own friend.

it began to escalate when my mom would find me, two or three years old, sitting alone in my room having conversations to thin air and responding as if someone had said something. nodding, listening, laughing as if he told a joke. i treated dod like he was a real person, and i really, genuinely believed he was. part of me still does.

i would demand dod have his own seat and his own plate of food every single day, breakfast lunch and dinner. any time we left the house id scream and cry if they "forgot dod in the house". he had to have his own seat (he ended up having an entire toddler's car seat because i was so scared of him getting hurt) and he had to be picked up, set in his seat and buckled in just like they did to me. my parents had to talk to dod the way they talked to me or id get upset that they're ignoring him.

i have memories of dod. genuinely seeing dod with my own eyes. id swear on my life that he was really there to this day. he was about a foot or so tall, the size of a small child like i was, but he was a pure white, mostly featureless bipedal bear. he had no face. he had an outward bump where a muzzle would be and two indents where he shouldve had eyes. he didnt wear clothes and didnt have real paws or hands, he almost looked like a gummy bear with round tapered hands and feet and no details whatsoever, but he was solid white and not transparent. he didnt speak verbally, it was more like i just knew what he was saying. i also dont remember him walking anywhere or moving at all really, but id look away and look back and hed be in a different place.

id swear on my life, on everything i know that he in some sense was real. i dont know how old i was exactly, id guess around four or five, i went outside with dod because he wanted to show me something. he lead me around the back of the house to a square panel of sorts that i had never seen before. it was like a tiny door, held with a simple hook latch. i opened it and inside was a concrete floor, a really low ceiling and a dusty old red tricycle, the classic little one youre probably imagining. it was full of cobwebs and i couldnt see anything other than a tiny bit of the concrete and the tricycle because the sun was adjacent from where i was. i climbed in the little cubby hole and just sat there with my knees to my chest and i can still vividly remember seeing dod standing just outside the door to it facing me. i didnt know this spot existed. i had no reason to, who tells their toddler about a spooky concrete hole in the back of the house thats only accessed from the outside? recently, i told my parents about that memory a few months ago and they said they purposely didnt tell me or my brothers about it because if you go inside that area, about two feet in the concrete drops off down into open pipes, wires and insulation and since theres no access from the inside, itd be really hard to find us if one of us fell in.

i didnt forget about dod for a single day for six years. i never let one of his meals go by, i never ignored him for a whole day, i never let us go on a car ride without him for six years. but eventually, we had to move houses. id lived in the same house this whole time, and it was the final day wed ever be at that house and we were getting into the car to go to the new house. my mom picked me up and put me in the car, and then turned to "pick up" dod and bring him too. when she did, i immediately started crying and angrily said "dod's not coming." i apparently stopped talking about dod all together that day, and for years id get extremely upset and angry if someone mentioned him around me.

my mom told me she researched the house we had lived in and there was a little boy years before us that had died when a gas pipe(?) bursted directly in his face, and as scary and weirdly fitting for my faceless friend as that sounds, i dont know if i buy into it personally. i was never afraid of dod, and i dont think of him as scary now. i think its extremely strange, obviously, especially considering that he appeared as a featureless bear and he stuck with me for six years- much longer than most imaginary friends. i think its mind boggling that he brought me to a place in the house i had never been in and that the knowledge of it was deliberately kept from me. sure, it could absolutely be some absurd psychological thing or it could be some strange kind of ghostspirit. but either way, i believe in and still think kindly of dod and no matter what he is, im grateful to have had a strange childhood friend :)

(im an artist, so maybe ill draw a picture of what exactly he looked like if theres interest?)

UPDATE: i went to my mom to ask her some of the questions you guys asked so i make sure i dont spread the wrong info. she just told me about the faceless boy she researched. his name was david dod. he was holding a teddy bear in the newspaper photo of him.

Posted on Reddit by lionself.

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