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When your dog hops in the car they've no idea if its going to be a ten minute trip or ten hours..


Trip hop music albums may vary wildly in sound and meaning, but each of the picks pulled together below should be enough to help you let go and let loose.

Foreign Forest - Whole Again

Whole Again by Foreign Forest song img

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- The Sound Defects - The Iron Horse [Full album]


[00:00:00] 01. Theme From The Iron Horse

[00:04:32] 02. Angels

[00:09:35] 03. Johnny Law

[00:12:01] 04. Poppin' Wheelies

[00:14:01] 05. War

[00:18:27] 06. Oh My

[00:19:51] 07. You're Mine

[00:21:25] 08. Take Out

[00:26:10] 09. Dreaming About Dreams

[00:27:25] 10. Da Da Da

[00:29:16] 11. The Fuzz

[00:33:12] 12. Jean Jacket John

[00:34:24] 13. Ain't Right

[00:37:52] 14. Plan B

[00:39:44] 15. Peace

Methadras said: 'Seriously, every song on this album is my theme song for daily situations. Walking down the street like a badass. Walking into a Costco with my shades on like a badass. Walking through the front door of a house party with a hottie on my arm like a badass. Vacuuming my carpets like a badass. Doing my laundry like a badass. This album is for situational badasses.'

J A said: 'This is a fantastic soundtrack to a movie that doesn't exist.'

Nappy G. said: 'Amazing! Why isn't this a well-known classic? WTF?!? tfw I feel left out. Jeez....this is pure gold. Start to finish! Big Props to all involved, on any level! Thank you! Good music is timeless. Never forget: Whenever it's discovered by a person, IT'S BRAND-NEW TO THEM! Love y'all! Blessings to you all your crew! 3'

The Sound Defects - The Iron Horse [Full album] by

Alexander Blomgren - Liquid Dreams

Alexander Blomgren Liquid Dreams song img

Alexander's 4th EP Liquid Dreams produced in the spring of 2017.


Liquid Dreams by Alexander Blomgren

FlynnToWin - Chill

Chill by FlynnToWin song img

- Trip Hop For Jazz Junkies (1996) [Full Album]

Promotional Artist sampler from 1996.

1. Sharpshooters Buck The Saw (0:00)

2. Diferenz Jazz Workshop (Remix) (3:50)

3. Raucous aka Sabotage Say No More (7:28)

4. DJ Cam Mad Blunted Jazz (12:10)

5. DJ Krush Big City Lover (17:16)

6. Diferenz Mind Movement (23:13)

7. Sharpshooters Massacre (Roey Marquis II Remix) (27:29)

8. Raucous aka Sabotage No Way Out (Roey Marquis II Remix) (31:10)

9. DJ Cam Pure Pleasure (35:25)

10. DJ Krush Roll Tumble (41:39)

Jrellhrel said: 'Youll only get this sound in the late 90s and early 2000 jazz trip hop without the 70s soul or funk but pure 1930s jazz 36:45'

Tristan Vadim Terranova said: 'When Jazz and Hip-Hop meet somewhere downtown to talk about music.'

Jasiu said: 'Its like this was made for my tasste of music'

Trip Hop For Jazz Junkies (1996) [Full Album] by

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