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Techstep music albums like the ones that follow can completely shift your headspace. Best be prepared...

Valentin Minca - tropikalz chill

tropikalz  chill by Valentin Minca song img

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- Ed Rush Optical - Essential Mix [1999-02-07] bbc radio one

00:00 Ryme Tyme Optical - Headhunters (dub plate)

02:55 Bad Company - The Nine (BC Recordings)

06:45 Ram Trilogy - Terminal 1? (Ram)

09:20 Jonny L - The Bells (Piranha)

14:08 Ed Rush Optical - Fixation (Virus Recordings)

19:06 Ram Trilogy - Mind Overload (Ram)

24:20 DJ Trace - Sonar (Prototype)

27:45 DJ Krust - Warhead (Ram Trilogy Rmx) (V)

31:40 Matrix - Airhead (Virus)

35:10 Bad Company - The Pulse (Prototype)

39:39 Ed Rush Optical - Bacteria (Virus)

42:42 DJ Phantasy DJ Probe - Orders (DJ Reality Remix) (Easy)

47:00 Ryme Tyme - Payback Pt. 1? (DSCI4)

50:46 Roni Size - Watching Windows [DJ Die Remix] (Talkin Loud)

55:02 Matrix - Asylum (Virus)

59:16 Ed Rush Optical - Funktion (V)

63:30 Bad Company - China Cup (Prototype)

66:55 Ram Trilogy - Iron Lung (Ram)

69:50 Optical - Newoptic (dub plate) unknown ???

74:10 Ed Rush Optical - Dozer (Virus)

78:38 DJ Die - Clear Skyz (Full Cycle)

81:48 Fibre Optics - Sin (Renegade Hardware)

85:10 Usual Suspects - Killa Beez (Renegade Hardware)

89:45 Ram Trilogy - Chase Scene (Ram)

92:53 Ed Rush Optical - Watermelon (Virus)

95:26 Ram Trilogy - System Error (Y2K) (Ram)

100:19 Ed Rush Optical - Gasmask (Virus)

105:30 Infinite (Optical Fierce) - Beachball (Renegade Hardware)

110:05 Ed Rush, Optical Fierce - Alien Girl (Prototype)

115:26 Optical - Slip Thru (Virus)

117:45 Ed Rush Optical - Sick Note

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DashCam: Street Guardian SG9663DC

Justin Cochrane said: 'This just WORKS so well to this day. Classic ed rush optic. I was 18 when I first listened. Now 39. Aging is a disease.'

TRUEiMPROrecords said: 'This is my youth condensed in 2 hours. Best mix!'

750dc said: 'Best essential mix ever.'

Ed Rush Optical - Essential Mix [1999-02-07] bbc radio one by

The Sect - TSMDIGI011: The Sect - The Shutdown EP [Out Now]

The Sect TSMDIGI011: The Sect - The Shutdown EP [Out Now] song img

Underground veterans The Sect bow out after 14 years, with their final release: The Shutdown EP.

Release Name: The Shutdown EP

Artist: The Sect


1. Iron Nail

2. Hollowpoint

3. In The Head

4. Samaritan

Release Date: 23 October 2017

Label: The Sect Music


For DJ Bookings, please contact Anger Management: angerukgmail.com

For The Sect stuff: www.thesectmusic.com

All TSM releases are available from: thesectmusic.bandcamp.com

TSMDIGI011: The Sect - The Shutdown EP [Out Now] by The Sect

Suara - [Suara 160] Ramiro Lopez - Cathexis EP

Suara [Suara 160] Ramiro Lopez - Cathexis EP song img

If you are a Suara fan, then you must love Ramiro Lopez. He has been with the kitties almost since the first Suara release. During this 6 years, this spanish artist has been one of the most active producers on the label. After his successful Tuna Ice Cream EP, he is back on Suara with a fresh three track EP full of techno and effective tunes without losing their groovy side. This EP is ready to be played at big festivals and also at small clubs...

It's time to release the beast!

Artwork by GaAs

Mastering by www.pobla.es

Big Support from: Mark Knight, Agoria, Karotte, Paco Osuna, Adam Beyer, Kaiserdisco, Monika Kruse, Jay Lumen, Sam Paganini, Riva Starr and many more!

[Suara 160] Ramiro Lopez - Cathexis EP by Suara

- DJ Tapolsky - Drum'n'Bass Vol.1 (2001)


00:00:00 01. Project 3 - We Be Clubbing (feat Ice Cube) (Aphrodite Rec.)

00:05:29 02. Aphrodite - Aphro V Schooly D (Aphrodite Rec.)

00:10:59 03. Project 3 - Mr.President (feat Ice Cube) (Aphrodite Rec.)

00:15:45 04. UK Apachi Shy FX - Original Nuttah (White Label)

00:18:19 05. Aphrodite - Crater (Aphrodite Rec.)

00:23:05 06. Aphrodite - Fanfare Dub (Aphrodite Rec.)

00:27:52 07. Project 2 - Clean Decibel (Aphrodite Rec.)

00:31:50 08. Project 1 - Dojo (Aphrodite Rec.)

00:37:44 09. Project 2 - From The East (Aphrodite Rec.)

00:41:44 10. Aphrodite - Lava Flow (Aphrodite Rec.)

00:47:15 11. Project 1 - Acid Junky (Aphrodite Rec.)

00:53:07 12. Aphrodite - Stalker (Aphrodite Rec.)

00:57:32 13. Aphrodite - Acid Life (Aphrodite Rec.)

01:02:18 14. Aphrodite - Defjammer (Aphrodite Rec.)

01:06:42 15. Mulder - Mulder's Theme (Urban Takeover)

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