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Superheroes must never need to shower if they have the power of teleportation..

That said...

The superb grime music albums below are almost certain to blow you away! Press play on a few and enjoy...

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Pj Bridger - Pj Dubs 02 by Pj Bridger

Pj Bridger - Pj Dubs 02 by Pj Bridger song img

Refixes of classic tracks, for Dj's only, Only use if you own the original Records, Enjoy!

Pj Bridger - Pj Dubs 02 by Pj Bridger

- Electric Moon - Hugodelia(Full Album)

Electric Moon - Hugodelia

Track Listing



3-Cellar Grime

4-Cellar Slime


recorded live in austria, feldkirch, at graf hugo's last concert....

except ween, recorded in wien, at dasbach. both in 2018.

sula bassana - guitar, fx

komet lulu - bass, fx

pabo carneval - drums

erich coldino - guitar, fx in 34

will be out on vinyl around late april via pancromatic records, PLP2035

200 marbled, 400 clear wax.


released March 9, 2019

The Sonic Void said: 'I've been waiting for this one. As with all EM releases, it doesn't disappoint. Nobody does acidpsychtrance rock like Electric Moon.'

Mr. Spiros Mav said: 'Great band - RESPECT for their wonderful psychedelic atmospheric sound!'

Ryan Spencer said: 'This is intensely good. My mind, spirit and soul is transported to a higher plane '

Electric Moon - Hugodelia(Full Album) by

Immortal EP by Darkai

Immortal EP by Darkai song img

In 2021 Wheel Deal welcomed several new artists to the family and in 2022 they have kicked off the year with the same format. Their latest signing is rising star DARKAI, who drops his debut IMMORTAL EP on the imprint in February. His sound is dark and techy with an underlining dread, perfect for Wheel Deal Records.

DARKAI had recent success with his first EP on HATCHED that hit number one on the Beatport

Deep Dubstep Chart. He has received support from artists such as N-TYPE, HATCHA, TERNION SOUND, BUKEZ FINEST, HONEY BASS and DEEPTEMPO.

IMMORTAL kicks off the EP in fine style with a weighty, juddering, dread stomper. Swinging Triplet beats with Dub echoed snare and Sci-fi sounds make this one a guaranteed club rocker. Great for radio, club or home listening, this track sets the vibe for more to come.

FOUNDATION carries a message and stark reminder to the new school pay respect the foundation. This track takes us deeper and darker into DARKAIS Dread-Tech style. Hard hitting beats and distorted bass lines and rib shaking 808s are paramount in this track. This is perfect to kick off your club sent and sets precedence for what... more

Immortal EP by Darkai

New Patterns by Various Artists

New Patterns by Various Artists song img

NICE UP!'s first release of the year sees the label already off to a flying start. Known primarily as a reggae and dancehall imprint, the label has always tried to represent not only Jamaican influenced and soundsystem orientated music, but the numerous hybrids and mutations it has also spawned along the way. This compilation of tracks hopes to show that, giving a nod to club culture past whilst having an eye firmly on the present and with a bunch of up and coming producers appearing alongside some well known names, maybe the future too.

Kicking off with Spain's Pablo Dread, "Rollling Bounce" quickly gets things underway with its footwork and jungle inspired half-time switches, then its onto London's own DJ Squarewave who delivers a crunching instrumental dancehall bomb, not miles away from the dubstep he's known for. Deep Medi don Compa then steps up with a low slung hip hop inspired bottom end botherer - road tested as a dubplate for years. More dancehall vibes as newcomer Cid Poitier teams up with JA vocalist D'Voyce for the mesmerising "No Killer" for some music with a message.

Moscow might not be a place best known for Grime, but if the Champion Sounds crew have anything to do with things... more

New Patterns by Various Artists

- Samson Shock Tactics (Full Album)

The third album from English metal band Samson and the last with vocalist Bruce $!$#inson. Recorded at Battery Studios, London England in 1981.

1. Riding With The Angels 0:00

2. Earth Mother 3:41

3. Nice Girl 8:20

4. Blood Lust 11:37

5. Go To Hell 17:37

6. Bright Lights 20:55

7. Once Bitten 24:02

8. Grime Crime 28:36

9. Communion 33:07

Stratus Fractus said: 'I bought this in cassette form in 1982 and it sounds still good!'

Gramophone Operator said: 'Been deep-diving Iron Maiden recently. Well, everything from the first album to Seventh Son because I kind of lost interest in them after that. This is the first time I've heard Samson - me likey :)'

bukek siansu said: 'As good as $!$# Brucinson'

Samson Shock Tactics (Full Album) by

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