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Winter wouldn't be the same without Christmas.

Cold and snow are just plain unwelcoming without gifts and eggnog.

But, I digress...

A Christmas carol is a carol (a song or hymn) on the theme of Christmas, during the surrounding Christmas holiday season, traditionally sung at Christmas itself.

A Christmas album is generally a whole heap of songs that wish they were carols, but will settle for general popularity instead.

So many musicians have produced epic Christmas albums that condensing the options down to the picks below took a ton of effort. Hopefully, a few will float your boat!

toasty digital - Kanye West's MAYBE WE CAN MAKE IT TO CHRISTMAS

toasty digital Kanye West's MAYBE WE CAN MAKE IT TO CHRISTMAS song img

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In North America the pre-Christmas role of the Christian saint Nicholas was transformed, under the influence of the poem 'A Visit from St. Nicholas' (or ' ’Twas the Night Before Christmas'), into the increasingly central role of Santa Claus as the source of Christmas gifts for the family.

The intense preparation for Christmas that is part of the commercialization of the holiday has blurred the traditional liturgical distinction between Advent and the Christmas season, as can be seen by the placement of Christmas trees in sanctuaries well before December 25.

Given the importance of Christmas as one of the major Christian feast days, most European countries observe, under Christian influence, December 26 as a second Christmas holiday.

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White Christmas', Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer', 'Winter Wonderland', 'The Christmas Song' and 'I’ll Be Home for Christmas' plus the melody for 'O Holy Night' were all written or co-written by Jews.

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Our modern day Santa Claus has to travel at more than the speed of light to deliver gifts to all the kids in the world and he would have 31 hours (considering all the times zones) on the Christmas day to get his favorite job done.

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