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A lake is the exact opposite of an island..

On another note...

Paranormal lake stories like these are strange enough to pique anybody's interest. Take a look...


This is something I wrote in creative writing for my school and I thought it was fanfic worthy! (Copyright is off so feel free to use this for school but if you want to repost just credit me please!

Lonely on Wattpad

Excited to finally be one of the cool kids, I leapt from the overhang into the lake below.

I heard their laughter as I plummeted, but didnt comprehend it until I felt the stones theyd tied to my shoes.

Posted on Reddit by ThenSterz.

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Sense of dread on a lake

This happened to me a few years ago and it wasnt until today that I realized I may have been in some sort of danger.

My husband and I were camping with 2 friends in a pretty remote area, deep in the mountains, on the shore of a small lake. Our first morning there I decided to paddle board to the other side of the lake.

One thing about me: I have submechanophobia which is a fear of submerged objects in water. It doesnt effect me too badly, I love the water, but I get the heebie-jeebies when I see sunken boats, large fallen trees, massive boulders in the water - stuff like that. Its worse when Im alone, I do pretty ok when other people are with me and it has to be a large, clear body of water. Swimming pools, rivers, or lakes where the water isnt super clear dont bother me.

So I go off by myself on my board. The lake is one big oval so you can basically see everything from the shoreline, however, where we had set up camp you couldnt see the whole lake so I quickly lost sight of my husband. I started to freak out a little bit because I had immediately seen a big sunken tree. This is a high Sierra lake so the water is crystal clear but quickly turns black because of how deep it is. I told myself I was being silly and needed to get over my dumb phobia. I didnt really see anything else but I decided to stay close to shore because usually that makes me feel better but this lake doesnt really have a typical shore. Its all granite rock that just quickly and steeply, drops into the water. I still dont really see much in the water but Im really starting to panic which is weird. I have this overwhelming feeling to go back as fast as I can but I think Im just being dumb. I try to deep breathe because I really want to get to the other side where there is a waterfall. So I trudge on trying to calm myself and enjoy nature, yet, still feeling like I should go back.

As Im paddling I start to realize how alone I am. I keep looking around hoping to see a hiker but Im completely by myself. I try not to think about that because Im almost to the waterfall and the view is gorgeous. As I get closer I see there is a island for lack of a better word. Just a large amount of granite that is fairly close to shore. There is a single plastic chair sitting on the island which is funny but slightly unsettling because its such a weird thing to see so deep in nature. Im still freaked so I figured if I got off my board and onto the island, I would feel better because I would be on land and my phobia wouldnt bother me. I pull up my board and I start walking around, trying to enjoy the view and I just cant. I feel terrified. The waterfall is so much louder now that Im near it and I realize if I were to scream, no one would hear me. My husband is the only person around for miles and he cant see or hear me and Im terrified. I keep looking around because I feel like Im being watched.

I decide I cant take this. Even if its just my stupid irrational fear, I have to get back as fast as I can. I get on my board and paddle down the center of the lake rather than keep to the shore because its quicker that way. It takes everything in me to do it. I cant shake the feeling Im being watched and I feel so damn vulnerable in the center of this deep, black lake. Im shaking the whole way back but as Im getting closer to camp, relief sweeps through me. I get off the board and go see my husband. He happily asks me how it was and I cant talk. He asks me if Im ok and I just start crying. I tell him I think my stupid phobia made me panic even though I didnt really see anything in the water. I feel totally insane and am just happy our friends arent back from their hike to see me behaving so irrationally. We left later that day.

Since then, Ive become more open to the unknown. I was thinking about it and it suddenly hit me that maybe something WAS going on and it wasnt just my phobia - especially because I never even really saw anything that triggers it. Im not sure if I just freaked because I was alone, the phobia, or something else? I guess Ill never know but curious if others have been in a similar situation or have any insight?

Posted on Reddit by cassidycate.

The Suitor

Regarding the disappearance of the Blakely girl I feel that it is appropriate to document all the evidence in relation to the case.

Although this case is regarded as closed and these documents, when filed at the station, will not again see the light of day, I nevertheless feel it prudent to keep a written document of those terrible manuscripts that I had found strewn around Blakely Hall.

The Suitor on Wattpad

TIFU- my boyfriend said he wouldnt forgive me for cheating so Im embarrassed to say in desperation I took him back to the lake we went to on our first date.

Obligatory this happened two weeks ago but after a lot of begging and tears I finally managed to get him in the car, it took a long time but luckily he was in small enough pieces to fit in the boot.

Posted on Reddit by SkinnyWhiteGirl19.

I inched carefully over the frozen lake, listening for the sounds of ice cracking.

I'd hate to wake my son after how long it took to put him there.

Posted on Reddit by Toxinfang.

The Summoned Spirit

During a party at night, her friends are challeging her to say three times the name of the legendary ghost in front of the mirror of the bathroom with only a candlestick.

What was supposed to be a simple joke will turn into a nightmare for her...

The Summoned Spirit on Wattpad

Hunted by a Wendigo

Ive posted this in the wendigo community Im in, but I also wanted to share this here to see if anyone else has any intel that can help me since the other community seems to be pretty quiet.

I realize how unbelievable this story might be, but I assure you its entirely true. Ive had countless experiences with the supernatural since I was 4 (Im 33 now), but this is one of the most terrifying ones Ive had. Ive looked at some of the stories in this community to see if theres anything I havent discovered yet. I thought that if I shared my encounter here, there might be someone who has some information that could help. Please dont comment if you dont believe in the supernatural. Ive seen skeptics plastering their 2 cents on some posts. Im looking for legitimate information. My questions are at the end of this. Thanks in advance!

I had an experience with a wendigo this fall in early October in Northern Minnesota in a state forest, very close to, if not on, a reservation. Ive always heard that speaking of them can draw them to youbut I hadnt thought of or listened to any wendigo stories any time close to my encounter. I was staying with some very dear friends, Ill call them M and C, and they have a camper in their yard by the lake for guests to sleep in. I had walked down to the camper from the house with my miniature Dachshund, Eboni, around midnight and found that I needed to set some things up, primarily the heater. By the time I was done getting everything in order, it was approximately 1:30. I never thought to lock the door because, really, I figured its in the middle of the woods so there was nothing to worry about. I was wrong.

I had closed the curtains (thank GOD!) and I was having trouble falling asleep because my anxiety was going mad, M and Cs dogs were barking outside, and their geese wouldnt stop honking. Eboni, who usually sleeps under the covers, was sitting on my hip while I laid on my side, and I could feel her turning her head back and forth, like she was trying to track something outside. I tried tucking her under the blankets to calm her down, but she kept returning to her perch on my hip.

I have no idea how long I laid thereI would say at least 40 minutes, when all of a sudden I heard Ms voice outside the camper: Anybody in there? Hmmmm And what sounded like CLAWS dragged down the side of the camper.

I ALMOST called back to her, when I realized 1.) she and C were both fast asleep by now, and 2.) M knew I was in thereshe wouldnt ask if anybody was. Suddenly, I noticed EVERYTHING had gone absolutely SILENT outside. The dogs and the birds had stopped carrying onthe gusts of wind had even stopped. It was the kind of silence you hear about in horror stories: how the woods go mute when something evil is in the area. Then another thought hit me: Eboni would be losing her sht and barking at the door if that had been anything human. She was frozen on my hip, dead quiet, shaking. I didnt dare to move, but I was really starting to have to pee. And I remembered that I hadnt locked the door. I have no idea how long I laid there debating whether I should get up and use the bathroom and lock the door, but it felt like an eternity. In reality, I guessed it was maybe 10-15 minutes.

I thought it may have been a skinwalker at first, but remembered they dont mimic the voices of your loved ones to lure you into the woods. Wendigoag do. I knew these creatures, demons, whatever they are, can lure humans out of their abodes if they make eye contact with you, and EVERYTHING in me was screaming to make sure I didnt look outside. I made doubly sure I didnt look through any cracks in the curtains as I walked softly to the front of the camper, and very slowly turned the lock, praying and holding my breath. I made sure to keep my eyes away from the windows as I crawled back in bed, and pulled Eboni close and she finally stayed under the blankets. I snuck a peek at my phone for the time before I laid down, figuring it HAD to be close to 3:00AM (the witching hour); it was about 2:30. As soon as I laid down, the wind kicked back up and M and Cs basset hounds erupted into howls as they came running down to the camper and a little ways into the trees, and the geese started their noise again. I heard the bassets come back to the camper, barking a few more times before they laid down outside the door to protect me. I didnt get out of bed again that night.

I told M and C what had happened the next morning. I think I was hoping M would say she had come down to check on me and Eboni, but she confirmed what I already knew: they had gone to bed as soon as I had left the house. I said a prayer over their house, the camper, and all of us the following night and had an uneventful night, thank God!

I also spoke with another guy whos familiar with the supernatural to see if he knew any more about wendigoag. Im not sure how accurate the information he gave me was, or if its reliable at all, but when I asked him why Eboni hadnt made a peep (I had assumed it was because she was absolutely petrified), he said a wendigo can control animals to keep them from alerting their owners about its presence. He also told me 1.) they cant enter houses that arent made of wood directly from the forest theyre hunting in, tents and campers included because they consist of man made materials, 2.) a lock is useless; they can unlock and open a door so they can try to lure you outside, and 3.) they typically stay in the woods, but they will come into a smaller town, and never into a city. I had never heard of any of what he told me before, so Again, I cant speak for accuracy, but I also havent researched the claims either. He also advised me NEVER to go outside to pee at night if I ever go camping and to bring a bucket or something to use; and to make sure that I always close tent flaps and curtains before falling asleep. He said if the flaps are open so you can see outside, the wendigo can make eye contact with you and draw you out.

After leaving M and Cs to go to my fathers house for a few days, I had the distinct feeling of being watched when I took Eboni outside after dark. My father lives 3 hours away from M and C, but his house is in the country. I told myself it was only the fear from the experience and what I know about the wendigo triggering an overactive imagination. I never heard anything, and I watched Ebonis behaviour very closely and she didnt act like she had in the camper.

Im moving back to that area from Canada, and this experience has been weighing heavily on my mind. Ive been trying to find any information about warding them off, or if they have a home hunting range like cougars do or if they move on from a region. My prayers did work the second night, so I figure I can pray over the property. I also have holy water that I can use, since the wendigo is an evil spirit that possesses people or physically manifests. Frustratingly, a majority of what comes up in searches is utter garbage like Wikipedia. Does anyone know if a wendigo stays in one area? Are my concerns about it coming back when I get moved into my cabin warranted, or am I worrying excessively? Do you have any tips for warding them off?

Thanks again for any information you can offer!

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