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The hardest part of making skimmed milk is throwing the cows across the lake..

On a similar note...

Goosebump alert! These are some seriously strange lake tales. Proceed with caution...

When The Lake Calls

03032020 - π™π™‰π˜Ώπ™„π™Žπ˜Ύπ™Šπ™‘π™€π™π™€π˜Ώ π™π™€π˜Όπ™π™π™π™€π˜Ώ π™‡π™„π™Žπ™ Everybody at Black Hill knows about the lake by the old house.

They know never to let an open wound bleed out in the murky waters.

Never to take their eyes off the pine trees lining the banks.

Then Annalise Madigan moves in, and she can't believe her luck when the popular kids invite her for a swim in the lake.

But when she dives under the depths of the water, her life unravels.

After swimming up, 2 months have passed and her new friends lie dead on the surface.

As time goes on, Annalise can't keep track of the days, losing hours where she's unable to remember what she's done.

And there's always a trail of dead kids on the water behind her.

Drawn into a mystery of dark creatures and police investigations, Annalise must find out what happened at the bottom of the lake that night.

Or else risk losing her soul forever.

ONC 2020 Entry

When The Lake Calls on Wattpad

Lake Minchumina and the Underground Pyramid in Alaska

MY original post on rufos got taken down by the mods for not being on topic RIGHT when things were really getting juicy thanks to the input from the community. The post has everything to do with the UFO hotspot known as the Alaska Triangle, but whatever. Linking to the post that was taken down because some of the comments are really good. hope you can still see them?

[hoping the conversation can continue on this sub. Check out the last edit where ugrundlesalad seems to have found a magnetic anomaly IN THE SHAPE OF A PYRAMID at the ORIGINAL coordinates given to Linda Moulton Howe. It's absolutely chilling.


The post below is pure speculation, please strap on your tin-foil hats (to block the consciousness suppressing energy, duh!) before proceeding.

If you have not heard about the mysterious alleged underground pyramid in Alaska that was recently brought up by Tom Delonge in an interview I highly highly recommend checking out the following resources before continuing!

[Tom Delonge interview]([History Channel segment from Ancient Aliens]([Linda Moulton Howe 4 part series on the Pyramids]((you have to subscribe to earthfiles, which i don't so haven't seen her original reporting)

[Linda Moulton Howe Interview]([Post](by our very own [ugrundlesalad-](If you know of any other resources please put them in the comments!!!!!!!

Basically there is a rumor that an underground pyramid exists somewhere 50 miles northwest of Mt. McKinley. According to Tom Delonge this pyramid is some how suppressing our consciousness and has been studied by the military for decades.

Alaska has been a known UFO hotspot, and there is an area known as the [Alaska Triangle](where many UFO's have been seen, among other High Strangeness.

Linda Moulton Howe supposedly got the exact coordinates to the location you can check out for yourself: 63.2976110, -152.5234691 (within the Alaska Triangle region as well)

The coordinates are quite unremarkable. Looks like nothing is there at all. No roads or any other signs of human activity. (Just last year [a man went looking for the Pyramid and went missing](around the Lake Carey area based on her coordinates, he had a satellite phone and everything, spooky!!)

I figured that if this thing was studied and guarded by the military for years there would need to be some kind of landing strip in the area based on LMH's interview with the son of a military officer who flew there.

I scoped out the area and found exactly what i was looking for and more, just north of LMH's coordinates at Lake Minchumina. Here are the coordinates: 63.90911233657512, -152.30401269384032.

below is a screenshot of the location you may notice something odd on the left right away:

can clearly see the airfield and a long narrow road that leads to a huge circular perimeter roughly 1,800 ft across. I believe THIS is the actual site of the pyramid, and it is not too far from the original coordinates. If someone can provide a mundane explanation for this please let me know!

The part that really blew my mind and convinced me i found the right location was reading the [Wikipedia entry for Lake Minchumina](Here is the passage from the geography section:

gt;"If we were to cut out a map of Alaska from a piece of paper and balance the map on the point of a pencil, we would have found the center point of the physical structure of the state. That point is at 6350 N, 152 W. or near Lake Minchumina.""General Mitchell looked at Alaska on a globe. He saw that Alaska was approximately equal distance from all of the major urban-industrial centers of the world. Figure L.1 is a map of Alaska as seen from space. It is centered on Lake Minchumina in Interior Alaska. Note that we can see the major centers of Asia (Tokyo and Beijing are shown), Europe (Moscow, Berlin, Paris, and London are shown), and North America (New York, Toronto, and Los Angeles are shown). General Billy Mitchell viewed Alaska's relative location and found that it was, indeed, central to the urban-industrial world."

basically saying that Lake Minchumina is at the geographical center point for the urban-industrial world. What better location for and underground pyramid that is supposedly radiating an energy that is suppressing our consciousness?

EDIT: according to a pilot who flew there, the airstrip at Lake Minchumina was was built during WWII so the military could easily fly planes to Japan. There is a direct military connection to the site. [2: WHO'S TRYNA GO TO LAKE MINCHUMINA WITH ME THIS SUMMER? I HEAR THE FISHING'S GOOOOD!

EDIT 3: Just want to highlight some good debunks from commenters can could possibly explain the ring.

Forest Rings - This phenomena is found throughout the world but is not completely understood by scientists. The leading theory is some kind of Fungal spread that creates a ring.

Top secret missile silo - a location with a strong WWII military presence that is equidistant from most urban-industrial centers would be a great place to build a missile silo.

Volcanic Lacuna

EDIT 4: [ugrundlesalad](used an EMAG2 KMZ magnetic anomaly survey overlay on google maps. There seems to be a pyramid shaped magnetic anomaly at the site of the ORIGINAL coordinates. This is #$@$ing chilling.

Links copied from their comment below:

Edit: Here's [some screenshots of the area](using the [EMAG2 KMZ](Edit 2: Holy #$@$, [this looks like a pyramid](https:imgur.comadOGlyJI).

Posted on Reddit by greatbrownbear.

My mother screamed in terror as the cops told her they had found the decapitated corpse of her daughter in the nearby lake.

I tried to ignore her cries as I sat on my bed, braiding my sister's hair.

Posted on Reddit by eastdaisy.

Lost Found

[Complete] I have been here before.

This is my place.

This is our place.

Was our place.

I come here to be alone; to think, to remember.

Although I am alone here, I don't feel alone.

The memories dance in my mind and my heart so profoundly they have a presence; have heartbeats of their own.

They are real.

They are with me.

I feel their warmth.

Like the last hour of an August day shining upon my closed eyelids.

Hues of red, orange, and yellow playing patterns for my closed eyes to see.

The patterns twist and tumble, explode and implode as I watch their kaleidoscope dance.

Sometimes, you must close your eyes to see clearly.

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Lost Found on Wattpad

I jumped into the lake with a splash.

When I swam back up I was met with solid rock.

Posted on Reddit by celerysoup39.

On on a dark and lonely lake-side road, he vowed never to drive drunk again, relieved to have been spared sudden death thanks to on-coming driver's quick swerving reaction.

Simply vanishing, with icy waves above her now, lapping over the roof of the car, she feared her young children might someday come to believe she had abandoned them.

Posted on Reddit by darlingeye.

The Reluctant Marchioness

After a disastrous first season in London, Rose Wilde finds herself torn between two men who love her -- but who both hide secrets that could ruin her.

Rose Wilde has always considered herself plain, especially when compared to her beautiful older sister Charlotte, and has practically given up on the idea of being romanced.

But when American hotelier Derek Montgomery comes to revolutionise her little, sleepy English village of Ascot, Rose starts to revisit the idea of falling in love.

However, Derek brings with him many secrets and obligations, some that might prohibit him from pursuing Rose -- and push her into the arms of her friend, Michael Cornell, the Marquess of Juniper.

Will fate allow Rose and Derek to marry for love? Or will she indeed become the reluctant marchioness? [[Word count: 70,000 - 80,000 words]] Cover designed by Ashley Bandy (The Reluctant Marchioness is the sequel to The Coveted Countess, but can also be read as a standalone)

The Reluctant Marchioness on Wattpad

I wondered why my father still took me to swim in the lake after my brother drowned.

Turns out the lady of the lake took the wrong son.

Posted on Reddit by Eternal-_-Apathy.

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