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'Racing game' is an oxymoron..

But, i digress...

Racing games can offer up a lot of fun and these indie picks are pretty affordable too! See for yourself...

Chinese Driving Test Simulator

Chinese Driving Test Simulator video game Developed by Lawliet and published by Lawliet

Developed by Lawliet and published by Lawliet

Driving Test Simulation

Either you are an experienced driver, or a driving student, the Chinese Driving Simulator will provide you with a complete Chinese driving test experience. It will show you the rules, help you understand the process of the driving test.

Real Testing Center

The testing road and routes are based on real testing center in QingDao, China. The game provides players with a realistic testing condition with driving AIs as other testing cars and cars passing by.

Subject ,

The game provides complete test bank of subject and subject, which are written test sections in the Chinese driving test. The UI and design are based on real testing screen, to help players prepare for the written tests


The game includes sections of the subject road test, reverse parking, parallel parking, curve driving and quarter turn, it provides a tutorial to help player understand and learn the subject test.


The game includes the subject road test, which is similar to the road test in the United States, but with more strict rules. The game will provide player with tutorial to understand the test process and rules.

Chinese Driving Test Simulator

Chinese Driving Test Simulator video game Developed by Lawliet and published by Lawliet video screen

More about this game here.

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Sonic Revert

Sonic Revert video game by Taldius

Made by Taldius

An online multiplayer Sonic fan game where Sonic R meets Trackmania!


Sonic belongs to SEGA, this is a non-profit fan game.

The game is meant to be played with an Xbox controller

The server can go up to players at the same time.

You can make video of this game, I'll love watching people playing.

For a better experience, use the windows build, the web one isn't as stable.

About the game:

Sonic Revert is a reimagining of the Sonic gameplay but where Sonic is controlled like a car when he's in running mode.

The game features singleplayer time attack and online multiplayer racing mode.

Some of the classic Sonic mechanics have been modified, such as the homing attack.

The level design is inspired by Trackmania tracks, but filled with badniks, spikes and other dangers.

Why Sonic:

My first console was a Genesis Megadrive with the first Sonic game. Since then I always followed the blue hedgehog adventure and played most of its game.

However, I was always convinced that Sonic would really work if it had car-like controls when running at full speed. So, one year ago, I started prototyping a little something to test if it would work and... it was great!

Since, I worked on my free time to create this small fan game.

What's next:

Well it has been a year since I started working on this, so right now I think I'll take a pause to make other (non Sonic) games.

I'll probably add levels from time to time as the goal was to make levels (like the emeralds).


Created by Antoine "Taldius" Semblat

Sound design by Matthieu "Blast" Rauber

Musics by Aurelien Montero

Sonic Revert

More about this game here.


老房子 video game Developed by FlyEggGameStudio and published by FlyEggGameStudio

Developed by FlyEggGameStudio and published by FlyEggGameStudio

You are a mouse who finds a hole in the wall. When you enter carefully, you find yourself trapped in a strange house.

Now you'll try to solve the mystery of the house and, if you're lucky, take some food out for the winter.

Old house" is a single third person puzzle game, there are a variety of decryption and gameplay in the game, open the door, cabinet, box..... nodes, over puzzles to explore and solve. The game is based on the decryption of Chinese tujia traditional culture elements, and is a multi-ending game, your decision will change the direction of the whole game.


老房子 video game Developed by FlyEggGameStudio and published by FlyEggGameStudio video screen

More about this game here.


RoboSquare video game Developed by Fizzostia and published by Fizzostia

Developed by Fizzostia and published by Fizzostia

Jump into speedy hazard-packed Robo battles with up to other players where random series of synchronized events destroy the fighting arena. Everyone zooms around the level bumping, drifting, and flipping to become the ultimate winner by being the last one standing in an ongoing stage of madness. Join a sumo-inspired experience with a rush of energetic motor buzz where even the hardest hits and coolest tricks might not save you from the mayhem on the screen.

There is no lack of insane collisions in Robosquare! From a massive pile-up at the start of a sumo match to crazy v controlled clashes, the gameplay is nothing short of electronic warfare. Grow your momentum and deliver that deafening blow to anyone standing in your way.


Friends can make any experience better, but bringing them into a battle bots warzone is a whole other story! Either take your secret frustrations out on each other or show off your combined skills! Playing with a group, or a party enhances the gameplay, with hours of fun!


Enjoy variations of three main game modes, sumo, boss of the hill, and race. Within each match, the core gameplay of thrusting others out of the map doesn't change. Yet, different tasks within each game mode will get you customization currency known as scrap. While racing, hit epic jumps, maneuver around obstacles, and take caution of dangerous timed events to reach the finish line first. If fate spawns you into a sumo deathmatch, navigate the actively changing platforms with the might of your driving skills. Keep in mind; only one bot will be victorious. Do not be surprised when among the mayhem of constantly dropping platforms, other players will ram you from all directions hoping to knock you off into the abyss.


Show your style with your very own customization! Catch your enemies off guard with an aggressive art style calling them into battle. Receive honorary items only the most elite robot drivers possess through the earning of scrap. From a Zen garden body to snow-globe wheels, you may use this in-game currency to completely redesign the look of your rig.


There are daily and weekly challenges for you to complete in Robosquare! Start by being able to complete a race in under minutes or eliminating opponents. This is a fast way of earning the in-game currency known as scrap. You can then use it in the shop to buy customizations! All shop items and some challenges are on a daily rotation so that every time you come back there is something new to achieve or purchase.


RoboSquare video game Developed by Fizzostia and published by Fizzostia video screen

More about this game here.

T a k e y o u r t i m e レースゲーム

T a k e y o u r t i m e レースゲーム video game by Space Banana Studio

Made by Space Banana Studio

What is this?

About a year ago I discovered the magic world of Vaporwave music and was quite fascinated by its aesthetic: the pink colour, the Windows look on clips, the non-sense low poly and coloured D figures, the image of a old busted car riding in the night city with some great piece of slowed 's funk-jazz-anything music in the background. Some days ago I saw the Bart on Resonance vine and video so I quickly decided to make something playable with the concept.

I put togheter some of my old assets and started working on this little racing game demo.

How many circuits are there?

There currently are three circuits:

Night City - The first made, a short race in the middle of a cool night lighted city.

Sunset at Countryside - A little longer race in a near-lake green countryside, while the sun is going down..

Palmy Sunrise - Another quite long race, placed in a seaside and palmy city at the dawn of a new day.

What's the goal?

Since this is a test I decided to keep it simple by just putting a chronometer to record your lap times and try to do the lowest possible time.

Of course racing games aren't just working like this in today's videogame scene, but the main goal of this project was trying to recreate that A E S T H E T I C feeling that vaporwave everyday gives us. For now you may just enjoy the ride looking at the city in the fog, in future I'll surely add a leaderboard with circuit times, a ghost mode and maybe a "task on the road" mode like "surpass that car" - "complete the ride without hitting palms" or something like this.

Yeah, I just have no idea.


To play the game you just need your keyboard and the following button guide:

W - Accelerate

A and D - Steer

LeftShift - ShowHide Leaderboard

TAB - Press once to edit your username. Click on the screen and press

ENTER - to confirm your username (won't be changeable in the session)

ESC - Go back to main menu

S - Decelerate

SPACE - Brake

Q - Radio mode

E - Turn on inside car light

L - Turn on outside car lights

R - Respawn at the start (will erase your best times and current time!)

C - Change camera

Isn't it buggy?

There currently are some known bugs:

Impact with guardrails may be really disappointing (car flying out of the circuit), not excellent car stability (please slow down on curves), spawning when the car is too fast may stuck you in an endless spawn-falldown loop and others I still haven't found.

Please, if you see something, report it to me so that I can solve all your problems!


Yeah, we finally got a T r u e L e a d e r b o a r d.

If you want to show you can do better than everyone else, please start racing and show your a e s t h e t i c s k i l l s.

Don't try to break the leaderboard, I can erase suspicious times like .. to .. secs)

Also, I uploaded the new official link where you'll find the updated version of the game each time I update it!

Levels playable:

NightCity(), Sunset at the Countryside(), Palmy Sunrise()

Here we go, quite big update on the road!

We finally got a (primitive) main menu to help users in choosing the level to play and to keep you updated about credits, added levels, versions and so on.

The menu is still in building phase but it's already playable using your mouse. Next update will be working keyboard and controller navigation, along with a new track.

We need to know why some of your scores are literally #&@$ed up as someone got or seconds, so please tell us why the hell you keep scoring that awesome bugged times.

And please, be short with the usernames (and stop using the default one). We're still testing the impact numbers and special characters have on the username length on screen.

It's all for now, see you at the next update!

T a k e y o u r t i m e レースゲーム

More about this game here.

Rolling Balls

Rolling Balls video game Developed by whitebox and published by whitebox

Developed by whitebox and published by whitebox


This is a Singleplayer and Online-Coop Racing-Game where you play as a ball. You can race as a ball along five racetracks. You can do this alone or invite your steam-friends to race against you. You steer the ball with WASD and boost it whit a mouseclick.


Simple and responsive controls

Singleplayer mode to practice the racetrack

Coop-Mode to race against of your friends online!

Invite your friends with die Steam-Overlay

Incredibly fun physics-based movement

Five diversified and challenging racetracks

Checkpoints so you cant cheat

Full support for keyboardmouse

Built-in lap timer

Free skins

Made in Unreal Engine

If you have any questionsproblemsfeedbackanything you can post on the Steam forums and I'll try to answer it to the best of my ability!

Rolling Balls

Rolling Balls video game Developed by whitebox and published by whitebox video screen

More about this game here.


MonoRaceVR video game Developed by Nordville Technology LTD and published by Nordville Technology LTD

Developed by Nordville Technology LTD and published by Nordville Technology LTD

MonoRaceVR is a monobike racing in the Virtual Reality with unique controls. Monobike is a bike with only one wheel :) I think you could meet people on the street on an electric Self-balancing unicycles, it looks very futuristic. The electric unicycles has a built-in gyroscope that keeps the balance, and for control you need to use the tilt of the body: leaned forward, the unicycles to balance the body goes forward, to brake, you need to stand up straight or even slightly lean back. To turn, you also need to bend in the right direction. We have transferred this control mechanism to the game. For our game, you do not need to stand or walk, you can play sitting down. Just lean forward and your monobike will start moving. Try it - it's exciting.

You can just ride an electric unicycles in real life, but it is more difficult to arrange races in real life. We did it in VR! Starting from Single play. There will be a lot of tracks available and there will be several ways for passing on each of them. You can go along the main long way, and you can choose a more complex, but at the same time a short way. And there will also be backdoors, for the passage of which you will need to pass a mini-game.

In the career mode, you can train to pass the track for a while, complete tasks, study tracks and train in mini-games. For your perseverance you will receive achievements, and the best players will be able to find themselves in the leaderboards.

Knowing the track and being able to drive along it faster than anyone else is not all, you still need a powerful and fast bike. Upgrade your bike, make it the coolest and most unique: color it, add stickers and a logo. And if you are tired of the bike, sell it in the form of an NFT and start pumping a new one.

And of course, it's much more interesting to compete not with stupid NPCs, but with other players. In multiplayer, you will have such an opportunity! Find your rivals and show that you are the best. And in regular tournaments, you can win valuable prizes: stickers, bike parts and even new cool bikes.

In the demo, we want to invite you to experience our unique controls and leave feedback in the comments how is it cool or poor.


MonoRaceVR video game Developed by Nordville Technology LTD and published by Nordville Technology LTD video screen

More about this game here.

Cursor Car

Cursor Car video game by papercookies

Made by papercookies

Race around your desktop with a little car for your mouse.

Cursor Carmakes the simple act of using your mouse cursor fun."

Free Game Planet


Launch the exe and click on the car to control it.

Use the arrow keys to drive around

Press spacebar to click on things.

Press escape to unlock your cursor.

Close the application in the taskbar or with ALTF.

Disclaimer: Context menustyping will not work due to the application stealing focus. Some weird stuff might also happen when used in Explorer.

th Submission for Game-a-Month

Cursor Car

More about this game here.

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