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They are like vanishing Islands to them since birds do not understand the concept of boats ..


The crazy boat stories in this roundup might make you wonder...

Me and my wife took our boat out to sea so we could have a relaxing weekend, or so we thought.

Eventually, I could do nothing but reach futilely as the creature's many arms dragged her into the depths below.

Posted on Reddit by ProphetofTables.

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I believe I'm being washed by the wave into this weird looking cave after the boat flipped in the middle of the ocean.

Its not until a few minutes later that I realized that this cave wall seems a bit... fleshy?

Posted on Reddit by Experiment_78.

My daughter showed me a paper boat and said:Grandpa made it for me!

Her grandfather died before she was even born...

Posted on Reddit by HalfChingChong_USA.

As I was in my boat in complete darkness of night in near by lake ... Something bumped into the boat . As I turn on the flash light

The fear ran through my body as I saw the bodies of people floating in red water.

Posted on Reddit by SomeRandom-Dude1.

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