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Babies can speak all languages in the world, just by crying.

With that settled...

The baby stories below are equal parts funny and frightening. If you're ready for a weird experience or two, do continue!


Lara was different.

She was like the two sides of a coin, to her parents she was an angel but to others she was a devil.

She was the wind that can keep you chilly or the wind that can destroy you.


Forth place the creator's choice awards 2020 2882020.

Third place The Dragon Fire Awards Horrormysterythriller.


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Lara on Wattpad

I was awoken by the sound of a baby screaming and crying in the woods behind my house, so I ran out to save it.

It wasnt until I was entirely too close that I realized it was a recording.

Posted on Reddit by thisisnothardtotype.

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All my life, I've had an empty space in my heart from being that girl who never really knew her mom because she died when I was a baby.

As I wiped my blood soaked hands on my now dead dad's shirt, I sensed that this is the reason he never told me he was the one who killed her.

Posted on Reddit by xylophonesRus.

Troubled Waters (Bloodlines Fanfic) Book 2

Nikki is back after spending a year away from the academy and all her friends are excited to see her, until they see her carry on.

Oh yes, there's a new instalment to the family.

Daniella was born none months after Aidan left and a month after he left, so did she? Is it really necessary to say they put the dots together? Trouble has started to fill in like Niagara Falls and this time, her lungs are failing, her boat has a leak and she has extra baggage.

And that's saying something.

But when Aidan comes back, she's pulling all sorta of stunts that at put poking more holes in her raft.

The question is, will she drown? Or ask for help?

Troubled Waters (Bloodlines Fanfic) Book 2 on Wattpad

"THE BABY'S GONE MISSING!" I screamed into the phone.

As I licked the last of the blood off my lips.

Posted on Reddit by blueeyedladydevil.

The salesman slapped it and said, "This baby can go from 0 to 450 mph in under a second."

He was right, but it's too bad most babies turn to red mist when they're fired from a cannon.

Posted on Reddit by whateverphil.

The Crying Baby

A girl named Jenny goes to a haunted house with her friends.

But Jenny thought it was a fake one...

The Crying Baby on Wattpad

"But we rescued the babies!" They shouted angrily.

"All of you had every opportunity to help them again...but most of them end up with us anyway," said the winged beings as they drop the adults into the flames.

Posted on Reddit by JustAnotherYaoiFan.

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