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Ghosts in the wind seem are OG free spirits, aren't they?

But, imagine, if you will...

Paranormal wind stories like these are strange enough to pique anybody's interest. Take a look...

The Four Elements

The land of the elements was split into four parts.

Fire, water, air, and earth.

Your were born into your element then you were to choose one of the jobs that were offered for that element.

You job selection begins a week after your high school graduation.

Now, I know that it may seem just like a typical monarchy land.

But, I have yet to inform you of the gifts (or powers) each subject is granted.

It varies based on personality and there is only one of each gift.

I guess you could say thats the one downside.

You're not allowed to leave unless told to by the highers', which is rarely.

I'd like to say no one tries, but there are a couple of lunatics that try to see the countries around us themselves.

This all comes to an end when Windy and three other people her age are asked to perform a study on elemental people tested in the human world.

That's right, first class trip to the US.

Here we go...

The Four Elements on Wattpad

"Well the sheriff caught wind that Amos was in the swamp trapping alligator skin, so he snuck in the swamp to gon' and get the boy"

"But he never come out again"

From a song called 'Amos Moses' by Jerry Reed.

Posted on Reddit by Rosiovan444.

More Like This

The wind suddenly rose and blew my straw hat into the crowded beach

I turned around to retrieve it and couldnt see anyone, the beach was empty for miles on end.

Posted on Reddit by LordOfTheRent.

Elite Phoenix Academy:Book One

Soulless Malum Genus (SMG) was a group of malicious elementals that had wanted the return of the evil cores beings.

They had kidnapped children from influential powerful families of all elements and had brutally tortured them to complete rituals to awaken the Soulless Ones.

When we had found out about this group, the top agents of Elite Intelligence Alliance, EIA, immediately took action to destroy them and save the kids.

Amongst the children they held was a child of age 7 Rosraelynn, "Knyt" as she was called, that had alerted us at her own risk.

Rosraelynn was one of the children kidnapped however they had taken her when she was a baby and no one knows where she is from.

When the Great Duel happened between us and the SMG, we had one and the evil group had dispersed.

We had managed to save most of the kids however the SMG individuals that had survived and gotten away had kidnapped Rosraelynn hoping to come together once again.

They had tortured her for 3 years before we were able to find them and killed them or put them behind bars at Cecidit Amissa Carcer, the top elemental jail.

It took a year full surgeries to save her, she was just 10 years old.

This story is about Rosraelynn as she begins to discover herself and who she really is by dealing with secrecy, deceit, and new riddles at every turn, But will she manage to discover her true potential and who she really is in time or will history repeat itself sealing her fate to death once and for all....

Elite Phoenix Academy:Book One on Wattpad

Tears saturate my face as the warm wind whips by and the sun sets in the distance.

The parachute won't open.

Posted on Reddit by yellowlight2020.

I heard a faint whisper of my name as I walked through the late night though in this wind it was hard to make out any noise.

I suddenly froze, unable to move my body as I watched my psychotic ex-wife emerge from the bushes, tightly grasping a kitchen knife.

Posted on Reddit by UnwantedJason.


The beginning was my end.

For something to grow, I had to diminish.

My fall was my greatest achievement.

The sacrifice was made in order to become something unfathomable...



Everything comes with a price, but what happens when you're broke? You play with fire, you ought to get burned.

You play with water, you ought to be drowned.

You play with earth, the ground will suck you in.

You play with air, you will suffocate.

You play with lightning? You're bound to be struck.

The society that we trusted with our lives all these years have made a life threatening mistake.

A mistake that cost innocent lives to end and endanger the rest of the population as we know it.

Scientists in an undercover and completely classified lab were confidentially conducting an experiment regarding inhuman abilities, however the results leaked and a bio-toxin was released to the outside world.

Most people rejected the bio-toxin and became sick with a minor flu for a week, only people with an extremely rare set of DNA has accepted the bio-toxin.

But at what cost?

Lightning on Wattpad

After I caught wind of her affair, she swore she would not be unfaithful again, crying, chasing me as I started the car.

Shifting on reverse, I did what I could to help her be true to her word

Posted on Reddit by LeMiaow51.

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