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In the far future, graveyards will be dug up for petroleum, once the bones have converted.

But, wait a sec...

Reading super weird graveyard stories and books won't make you any weirder. At least, i don't think it will...

Rose Maiden : The story of the cursed graveyard. ( Unfinished. )

A what seemed like a silly adventure turned out to be a misery, Aurora finds herself to be put in a situation she never dreamed to be in after entering a place she should've never visited.

Rose Maiden : The story of the cursed graveyard. ( Unfinished. ) on Wattpad

I used to work in a haunted psychiatric hospital

For some background, Ive been a behavioral health nurse for about 12 years, and my first job was at a free standing mental health facility in the South. This facility is pretty uniquely constructed as it was originally a plantation owned by a wealthy Irishman who emigrated here sometime in the 1700s. The original plantation house is still there, and is now used as the business office, and the hospital itself was constructed to be attached to the house. If you explore the campus there is a small graveyard with the original owners tombstone as well as some other family members of his. Additionally there is a sign that says something along the lines of this is dedicated to the slaves that worked and died on this plantation.

Anyway, one of the stories that has been passed down among the employees there for decades is that a young girl in the Irishmans family (one of his daughters or grandchildren) passed away on the plantation at a really young age, that her ghost still lingers around the house and the facility, and that there are certain patient rooms that have an unusual amount of paranormal activity. One day I was walking past one of these rooms and in my peripheral I saw a young girl who looked to be about 9 or 10 years old sitting on the bed. She was wearing a colonial looking dress appropriate for the time period in which she was alive and looked me directly in the eyes when I turned to look at her. I was incredibly startled and my mind raced for a few seconds trying to convince myself that she wasnt there. I walked a few feet past the room, gathered my courage to go back and she had disappeared from sight. She didnt have any ethereal qualities, nothing otherworldly or strange. She literally just looked like a real person sitting right there in plain view.

During my time there I never heard of anyone else who saw her as clearly as I did, but every once in a while one of my coworkers or a patient would experience something strange, like doors opening and slamming shut. I remember one patient in particular that ran out of his room white as a sheet and said that while he was lying in bed his bathroom door slammed on its own (It was so loud I heard it from the nurses station myself). This patient was there for addiction and had no history of hallucinations. Just thought Id share!

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I approached a man in the graveyard and told him that I was too scared to walk alone.

As he escorted me back to my grave he said, "Don't worry, you'll get used to it".

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If you fly to these exact coordinates 25.0000 N, 71.0000 W at 39,000 feet, youll find a surprise.

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