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CCTV cameras are bad, for privacy, until you need them to solve a crime where you or a loved one are a victim.

With that settled...

Crime stories like the ones below could be tall tales or totally true. Take a look...


[Wattpad Editors' Picks AUGUST 2021] When men vanish around the city, a young, paraplegic detective takes it upon herself to uncover the truth and soon realizes the culprit might be a lot closer to home than she imagined.

Barbara Gordon thought her career as a promising young detective came to an end after she was left crippled in a tragic accident.

But when men start disappearing around the city, Barbara is given one more opportunity of fulfilling her dream.

Convinced her dad's new fiancee is not who she seems, Barbara begins her own investigation and discovers she might be responsible for the recent string of disappearances.

But a darker truth lies just below the surface.

If this once would-be detective wants to solve the case, then she must accept the help of some even more mysterious--and possibly dangerous--allies.

Flytrap on Wattpad

As my vision faded into darkness of nothingness, I chuckled at the thought that I've never faced justice for my crimes.

Only the moment I've woken up in coffin, unable to move yet aware, I have realized that my penance truly begins here.

Posted on Reddit by Szwedu111.

More Like This

I heard true-crime objects sell like crazy, so I'm going to put up for auction "Floral dress of local woman slain by husband with chainsaw."

I scheduled the listing to go up next week.

Posted on Reddit by fsbot.

Traces of Delilah

[Cover made by vanoeuxx] After moving to Connecticut to room with her best friend for the summer, Chastity Blake doesn't know what to think of the charm bracelet she finds, caught under the floorboards in her new bedroom; with the initials D.K.

engraved into it.

Then when she begins to live out strange scenarios through the eyes of someone else, ignoring the bracelet's origins isn't an option.

And when these scenarios start cutting too close to reality, she can't help but suspect they're memories.

But she quickly realizes they're not her memories.

They're the memories of, Delilah Kim, a girl who was believed to have committed her family's murder, then suicide.

But her memories tell a different story other than what everyone else in town seems to know.

And it's up to Chastity to place the missing pieces of the puzzle together.

BEING REWRITTEN OFFLINE] From our Stars - featured 101420 Editor's Choice - featured 123120

Traces of Delilah on Wattpad

I desperately tried to find the wedding ring, knowing that my husband would get very angry if I didn't.

I had promised that I would never leave evidence in a crime scene again.

Posted on Reddit by ZizkoMc.

During the campaign, he promised to bring unemployment, hunger, crime and sickness down to 0-not just here, but all over the world.

He kept his promise the second he got his hands on the launch codes.

Posted on Reddit by Laugh_at_Warren.

The Ghost Whisperer

Lisa Gillian, a lonesome high school girl with an extraordinary ability to see ghosts.

Its her secret and she lives everyday by avoiding to get noticed by the dead.

But one day she makes a mistake which causes a very persistent ghost to follow her.

She intends to get rid of him by agreeing to help him with his problem.

She soon realizes that his 'problem' is not as simple as she thought and that she'll not only be putting her own life at great risk but also saving many innocent lives from the very crime that had got the boy killed.

The Ghost Whisperer on Wattpad

As a forensics lab technician, it's my responsibility to perform DNA analysis of samples from all sorts of disgusting and violent crimes.

This is very convenient for me because it ensures I'll never be suspected, or caught.

Posted on Reddit by TheScribeOfTheDead.

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