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Beginning guitarists looking for an acoustic guitar that plays well and won't break the bank often face a cold, hard fact...

Getting great, affordable acoustic guitars for beginners on the saturated string instrument market is a lot like getting hay from a needle stack.

Which is to say it's hard and very hard for those who are new to instruments altogether. But, guess who this article is for...

Yep, this one's for all of you who just want a great first guitar to learn the ropes on. Read on to discover some seriously solid guitar options for newbies.

1. The Series 200 Acoustic Guitar by Valencia

Many guitarists, beginners and experienced alike, wonder why most acoustic guitars are so bland in appearance. The reason is usually simple...

The best acoustic guitars benefit from quality craftsmanship as opposed to flashy looks - especially those of the classical variety - to enrich their tone.

Series 200 Acoustic Guitar by Valencia

Valencia's Series 200 guitars thankfully deliver on both fronts, sporting solid construction and a pleasing appearance in multiple colors to boot.

The price is also right for undecided aspiring players, coming in at well under $200.

2. The GD11MCE-NS Dreadnought by Takamine

Pushing a higher price tag and bigger body, this acoustic guitar is very well-regarded for its full sound.

Although these acoustic guitars can seem big and clunky, they more than make up for their size with their sound; they are usually loud and rich - great for performances and rhythm.

The GD11MCE-NS Dreadnought by Takamine

Takamine guitars are considered to be of excellent quality all around as they have a great history to back them up.

This particular guitar features a lovely solid mahogany body and electronic fittings too.

3. The S-34C Acoustic Guitar by Jasmine

This guitar is a real beaut, but there's more to it than meets the eye...

A Venetian cutaway gives beginners better access to the fretboard's higher register and glistening chrome tuners built to last ensure it holds its tune easily.

The S-34C Acoustic Guitar by Jasmine

The fretboard itself is made of rosewood and the overall price is definitely right, at under $200.

This particular guitar features a special variation on internal bracing (the wooden pieces attached inside the front of the instrument) to enhance its sound.

4. The AW540PN Artwood Dreadnought Line by Ibanez

This line of solid body acoustic guitars from Ibanez is a great choice for any beginner for more reasons than one:

A quality rosewood bridge and fretboard compliments the lustrous natural wood grain look and the reinforced neck makes for a sturdy steel stringer.

The AW540 Artwood Dreadnought Line by Ibanez

The neck profile is thin - perfectly suited to fans of standard electric guitar sizes and anyone with smaller hands. There's even more to get excited about though...

Despite the dreadnought form, these guitars are reputedly lightweight, which makes them great for bulk-wary fledgling guitarists.

5. The CD-60S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar by Fender

Yep, another Dreadnought guitar makes this list...

The folks at Fender deliver an excellent guitar for starters in their CD-60S design.

The CD-60S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar by Fender

Built from solid mahogany, this pretty six-string boasts of bold vertical wood grain lines and a special touch aimed right at newbies...

This guitar incorporates smooth, rolled edges on its fretboard to facilitate learning players' fingering efforts. A very nice touch.

6. The FG820 Solid Top by Yamaha

This one's available in both Dreadnought and Concert forms with multiple color variations.

Sitka spruce comprises the instrument's top and rosewood makes up the fingerboard. An extra feature makes this guitar's feel more customizable...

The FG820 Solid Top by Yamaha

An adjustable truss rod allows string action to be changed to suit your preferences.

That means you can get the strings to run closer to the fretboard easily, which is very helpful when you first start playing (and after that too!).

7. The Full Size Thinline Acoustic Guitar by Jameson Guitars

This guitar comes fitted for electric amps should you be inclined to plug it in. But, it's the look that sells this one...

Available in blue, red, black, clear and (best of all) bright pink, this guitar is a stunner.

The Full Size Thinline Acoustic Guitar by Jameson Guitars

Besides its brilliant color options, this acoustic guitar is also nice and thin, lending it a sleek look almost anyone would love.

This one is also pretty affordable, so it's incredible value for your money.

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