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For fish in oceans, land is their version of our pond or lake..

Yet and still...

So, you're ready to read some weird lake stories, huh? Well, they're all laid out below...

Digging Up Bones

One man disappearing is unfortunate.

Two is fishy.

Three, four, five? That's bound to get some attention.

Andi works part-time at a library waiting for life to become exciting.

The only thing interesting about her hometown is how quick the residents leave.

When Zach Dalton walks into the library and into Andi's life, they become fast friends, and he encourages her to find her own adventure.

Then he disappears just as her dad did years ago.

Andi thinks he must have discovered a new adventure, until Levi shows up looking for his missing brother, Zach.

As Levi, Andi, and a new friend search for Zach, they realize there is a mystery even bigger than one disappearance.

As Levi and Andi grow closer together, she begins experiencing nightmarish flashbacks that haunt her as they get nearer to discovering the truth - and the truth may hit a little too close to home.

1 in slowburnlove 2921 56,000 words

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Amidst the Daffodils

His family is notorious, known around the world.

Her identity is a mystery, her genetics undecided.

He is the voice of an entire species.

She cannot speak at all.

He remembers every wrong that's been done against his kind--he pursues revenge.

She remembers nothing prior to being found in a field of wild daffodils--she seeks the past.

Following the discovery of supernatural beings, the world has broken in two.

Hate groups have sprung up with the purpose of exterminating them whilst they have become hostile in defense of themselves.

Isaac BĂȘte-noire wants nothing more than to save his species.

He's willing to fight--canine and claw--if it means they'll be safe.

However, when a girl is found on his reservation's territory, unidentified and unconscious, his mission suddenly isn't as clear as it once was.

This girl's blood isn't as harmless as she looks, and what she's tied to may shake the very ground their safe haven is built on.

An original, non-cliche werewolf novel.

UPDATES whenever I feel like it.

Cover by Silverless

Amidst the Daffodils on Wattpad

Theyre saying that the lakes gonna dry up in five years because of climate change

I just hope the bodies wont be recognizable by then

Posted on Reddit by wildyb.

They say that anyone who dares to look through the crystal lake is able to see their true self.

So why did I have no reflection?

Posted on Reddit by __Dissmisery__.

Black Water

After his friend, Althea, drowned in the lake, Wilson went to do some investigating.

But something is up there, and he doesn't know how to face it.

Black Water on Wattpad

Im at the bottom of the lake, my brother said to me.

Who are you talking to? said my dad, glancing to the empty space beside me on the couch.

Posted on Reddit by LoloDelPadre.

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